The Championship Rules (CR) of the International Funboard Class Association (IFCA) have been updated, now guaranteeing equal prize money for both male and female competitors. Under the new regulations, in IFCA class championships where prize money is provided, each gender will receive a proportionate share of the total prize money based on their respective representation among the competitors in the regatta.

FCA is committed to support female competitors at its events. Prize money can be an important motivation and support for athletes. The distribution of prize money between genders has been an ongoing topic of discussion for an extended period.

It was the task for the IFCA board to define a fair system for the prize money split between the genders. Offering no dedicated prize money share for a valid women fleet was not an option. In a combined fleet female competitors have less chances to win prize money without a dedicated share for women. But offering the same total amount of prize money for both genders would be unfair for the male competitors as they regularly provide a much bigger fleet.

The International Funboard Class has made a prudent choice to overlook gender-based performance levels. Instead, the primary determinant for prize allocation will be the relative size of the different fleets. IFCA has pledged to ensure equitable prize distributions for both male and female participants at its events, with the split of prize money between genders determined by the number of participants in each category.

Other changes in the Championship Rules regarding the prize money refer to the split between the divisions (disciplines) and the split inside the two genders. If an event or championship has the two IFCA divisions Fin Slalom and Foil Slalom there shall be an even split between the disciplines.In cases where one discipline lacks a valid result, the prize money originally designated for that discipline will be merged with the discipline having a valid outcome. As for the distribution of prize money within each gender category, three models are available based on the number of entries in each fleet.

Details can be found in the IFCA Championship Rules

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