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Waterz 2015 Inscription Day

The inscription for the WATERZ 2015 IFCA JUNIOR & YOUTH FREESTYLE/WAVE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP took place from 10am to 17pm followed by a demo and training session with the guest pro riders Tonky Frans and Davy Sheffers in the late afternoon.

Some of the young competitors had fun and experienced wavy conditions for the first time . . . The young local Marcus Sonnichsen was showing off some good skills among, Belgian Freestyler Mat Moysen with a few freestyle tricks between the waves on the inside and German youngster Henri Kolberg with a selection of everyone had a blast.

One of the best moves we saw was from the young Bonairian Amado Vrieswijk with one of windsurfing’s most newly and highly ranked manouver added to freestyle windsurfing ” the double air culo” with an ultra dry landing and leaving one of the judges with a goosebumps aftermath.

At the moment we have 10 competitors from 5 Nations and 2 continents.  We expect a few more late arrivals to show up early tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow’s first skippers meeting is scheduled at 10am at the SOUTH BEACH.   Forecast looks a bit tricky but they say you never know what will happen here in Hvide Sande.

Images / Veronika Roy

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