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Too Old for Freestyle?

Too Old for Freestyle? 5 Reasons Why You’re Not

The better we get at windsurfing, the more we find ourselves looking for extreme conditions to challenge us.  The challenge of windsurfing is ultimately what keeps us hooked and certainly on its day the spectacular British coastline can deliver incredible windsurfing.

An array of conditions to suit all abilities can be found within a relatively close proximity. However, shooting down to Cornwall or up to Tiree on an epic forecast is just not realistic for most. Instead UK windsurfing usually consists of what is available on the doorstep and for many this is typically an inland lake or coastal bump and jump sailing. Planing back and forth can after a while become a bit repetitive, even for the fully obsessed, so how do we keep it interesting?

Freestyle is a largely overlooked, but fantastic way to step it up even in the most average of conditions. With a new challenge comes the possibility of achievement and this tends to be what gives us the most enjoyment in any aspect of life.

Whatever your age, level or windsurfing orientation freestyle can offer you a fun way to rapidly progress your skills and it can make even a gentle breeze a lot more interesting! We’ll come to the specifics later, but first Colin Dixon joins BOARDS to dismiss some of the awful freestyle rumours that may be putting you off, scroll through for more


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