The 2016 IFCA Aruba Hi-Winds | Pan American Slalom Championships
the tension continues after interesting results.

The skippers meeting was held at 10:00 and the races began right away. A short moment of rain caused for unstable and shifty winds during the first few races and the AP flag was raised on the starting vessel. The water crew adjusted the course and the competitors were on standby mode for a short period as the sun returned back with a smile with even more winds which made the racing exciting on the third competition day.

Again a new course- opposite start direction- the regular down wind slalom course was set with the first mark right in front of the Fisherman’s hut so spectators could have a better view of the first mark, the most interesting part on the course as competitors would fly at full speed on that reach followed by tight jibes and overtaking maneuvers.

The conditions were a lot better then the previous days with winds from 18 up to 25 knots on the outside. The races went well in all disciplines with some interesting results.

In the Seniors Mateus Isaac from Brazil, Gollito Estredo from Venezuela and even Nik Van Den Eerenbeemt from Aruba were on a mission fighting for top positions in order to secure enough points for getting a podium results whereas Aruba’s talent Ethan Westera struggled here and there to stay in form with a few mistakes made, including a snapped fin while racing, he now slips to third place after 9 eliminations but not too far behind the strong Brazilian Mateus with a 1.4 point difference. The last competition day will be an exciting one for the seniors with Taty Frans from Bonaire being way up front with enough points to secure the event victory, however it ain’t over until its over and the top 2 to 5 position could still change.

In The Youths there is a share of points between Mack Van Den Eerenbeemt from Aruba and Alessio Botteri from Peru which will make the final competition day a super interesting one for both. Not too far behind we have Martin Moller Hovda from Norway with just 1.3 points away from the second position while the Bonairian Jurgen Saragoza – currently on fourth- enjoyed the stronger winds and continues keeping his aim towards a podium position.

Again not too much changes in the Junior division where Nathan Westera from Aruba continues with his outstanding performance.

In the Grand Masters the tension is definitely between the top 2 competitors, Sergio Mehl from Argentina and Constaino Saragoza from Bonaire who are both still in position to take the events Victory in the Grand Masters division the point difference is currently 1.1, also here will it all come down to the last competition day.

An interesting day is coming up tomorrow and we cant wait to see what will happen with the top positions in all divisions except for the Juniors.

Seniors top 5 Results

1 NB 9 Taty Frans
2 BRA 767 Mateus Isaac
3 ARU 4 Ethan Westera
4 VEN 10 Gollito Estredo
5 ARU 9 Nik Van Den Eerenbeemt


Youths top 5 Results

1 ARU 11 Mack Van Den Eerenbeemt
2 PER 20 Alessio Botteri
3 NOR 41 Martin Moller Hovda
4 NB 117 Jurgen Saragoza
5 ARU 7 Mark Tjon Kon Sang


Juniors top 5 Results

1 ARU 8 Nathan Westera
2 PER 8 Simon Sousa
3 ARU 60 Melvin Van Der Linde
4 ARU 71 Nicolas Verploeg
5 NB 66 Arnold Wilsoe


Grand Masters top 5 Results

1 ARG 21 Sergio Mehl
2 NB 8 Constantino Saragoza
3 COL 61 Uwe Dreijer
4 VEN 17 Juan Fernandes
5 PER 11 Guillermo Ruiz Vier


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