Maja Dziarnowskathis summer will be my first try to compete in Slalom Races”



_M6A8355_3Sail # POL 7

Sponsors: Energa – Polish Yachting Association – Ergo Hestia

Best 3 Results from the past 3 years:

  • 4th European Championships 2015 RS:X
  • 5th European Championships 2014 RS:X
  • 3rd Sailing World Cup Hyeres 2014 RS:X

IFCA: What motivated you as an RSX sailor to join the IFCA Slalom World Championships in Bol, Croatia ?
Maja Dziarnowska: Windsurfing and all water sports are my passion and I can’t imagine my life without  the adrenaline , the speed and lots of fun. Spending time at the beach with a lot of friends in the sun is my dream lifestyle. I have been a RS:X sailor for the last 10 years , my dream was to participate in the Olympic Games. I tried to qualify for London 2012 and Rio 2016 Games but unfortunately in sailing each country can send only one representative, sadly I was beaten and failed to qualify twice . My third try, probably the last one, will be for Tokyo 2020, for now I have energy, time and desire to try something new. I love challenges but also strongly believe that practicing slalom is a good complementary training for RSX. In our sailing society I’m well known to be an expert in strong wind and plaining conditions, pretty average when it comes to pumping in light breeze. That’s why I came up with the idea to participate in The IFCA Slalom World Championships in Bol this year. Good thing is that it will be refreshing and an exciting time for me, just before the RS:X European Championships.

IFCA: Are you doing or planing any special training for this upcoming event ?
Maja Dziarnowska: As a professional sportswoman I’m traveling with the rest of the Polish Sailing Team around the world for training and competitions. I always have the possibility to take my slalom gear with me and whenever conditions are suitable I can just rig and hit the water. I find it really enjoyable but also it’s an active recovery after hard, long sailing sessions. To be honest RS:X class regattas are my priority this season and I won’t have a lot of time to prepare for the upcoming Slalom Championships but I will give it a try. My dream is to continue towards the world tour events and become a Champion one day.

IFCA: What are your strong points if you had to chose between Jibes, Start and Speed.
Maja Dziarnowska: My slalom journey is just beginning and I have no idea what my speed or jibing skill are comparing to the rest of the girls. I’m sure my 10 years of competing and the starting experience will give me some advantage to feel confident at the starting line.

IFCA: Have you ever been to Croatia before ?
Maja Dziarnowska: I have been in Croatia just for holidays in 2012 with my friend. We spent really magnificent moments there, cruising at the yacht, windurfing , kiting , biking  ,enjoying ourselves  and admiring the beauty of this amazing country. I’m excited to get back there soon, in my opinion it’s one of the most amazing places on the Earth.

IFCA: Your event expectations ?
Maja Dziarnowska: The IFCA Slalom World Championships this summer will be my first try to compete in slalom races. Although I have windsurfed almost all my life I’m aware that Olympic sailing is a completely different discipline. My expectations is to do my best , get to know a new society ,learn as much as I can and gain some experience for future events. For now I’m just a rookie with a lot of passion , energy and dreams.

I have the energy, time and desire to try something new.

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