With the season taking shape while local, national and international competitions already in full swing, IFCA is looking ahead to what will be next with hopes of awarding new 2022 windsurfing champions.

Class Rules changes for 2022

Divisions –
Our class rules have recently been amended and as of now include both, a dedicated fin division and an open division (which also allows racing on the fin!). So from now onward, IFCA is offering two racing platforms, for Fin – one fin only and one combined with Foil. Fin or Open division whereas the new approved open division allows for the athlete to decide if to race on Fin or Foil. Take note and read the notice of race as this is solely depending on the type of event, location and prevailing conditions.

Personal equipment –
All competitors in the open division shall wear a helmet at all times when afloat, except briefly while changing or adjusting clothing or personal equipment.

Personal flotation device –
unless RRS40 applies, in which case the personal flotation devices shall be worn. If used, the personal flotation device shall conform to the minimum standards of ISO 12402-5. Alternative or additional standards may be prescribed in the Notice of Race.

Class Championships on schedule

The 34th edition of the Aruba Hi-Winds to host the 2022 IFCA JYM South & Pan-American Championships:
From 25 to the 30th of May, Hi-Winds shall introduce fun and action. The races expected, are Semi-Long Distance race for Kite Juniors, Kite Freestyle, Windsurfing slalom races, Windsurfing Freestyle competition, Kite boarding and Windsurfing long-distance races. The Aruba Hi-Winds is the largest water sports event of its kind in the Caribbean. Expect spectacular battles on the water and a great atmosphere at the beach.

Calasetta Water Sport Festival to host the 2022 IFCA JYM Slalom Europeans:
Continuing after last seasons Slalom Europeans success, this year the Junior, Youths & Masters are invited to race and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Sotto Torre Calasetta, Isola di Sant’Antonioco, Sardinia-Italy from 8 to the 12th of June.

Slalom Worlds:
Turkey windsurf Training ( TWT) was established in 2019 , supports straining or windsurf activities. Moreover, it’s aimed to improve the local windsurfers skills and to organize event and windsurf camps. TWT now sets to organize the 2022 IFCA JYM Slalom Worlds in the beautiful bay of Alacati in Cesme, Izmir-Turkey. From 14 to 21st August. This Championship shall attract the best athletes from around the world to challenge each other for the World Sailing official Windsurfing Slalom discipline World Titles in the divisions of Junior, Youth and Masters.

This season the IFCA Slalom Worlds returns to the sunny warm crystal clear waters of the Greek island Paros from 31st of August to 5th of September.

Further information will be available soon.

More information shall follow once the remaining notice of races are finalized for the Senior Slalom Worlds and Senior Slalom Europeans.



2023 and beyond

The Class sets aim to a new adaption, where we will see a mixture of events and racing format options such as: Fin only and the combined option with the new Open Division.  Allowing future races in diverse type of locations and conditions.  Athletes will then have to master and showcase their skills with the diversity of equipment set ups.


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