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Super Conditions on Day Two in Almenarre

The second competition day started just like the day before, smooth with the first skippers meeting at 10am. A few protests from the previous day were being evaluated and one of them was the start of Nicolas Goyard (with video footage) during the semi finals in elimination 2.  He got a redress and scored a slot in the youth finals.
The thermal winds arrived earlier then expected and the final rounds of elimination 2 could finally continue for all divisions in winds from 16 to 18 knots.
Elimination 3 started right after the lunch break with great conditions for slalom racing.  FRA-465 Nicolas Goyard dominated the Youth devision with clear starts and great board speed in both eliminations.
FRA-888 Jimmy Thieme had a great day and beat yesterday’s elimination 1 winner FRA-820 Benjamin Adjihou.  Not so far behind we have the talented Italian kido ITA-353 Francesco Scagliola with his great jibes.
A happy day for AUT-30 Markus Poltenstein who showed a consistent performance in both eliminations. ESP-0 Alejandro Alcazar Rodriguez did not manage to perform like the day before but managed to stay close to the first position and is definitely one of the strong ones among the masters.

Top 5 results after 3 eliminations in the following divisions:

1 FRA-888 Jimmy Thieme
2 ITA-353 Francesco Scagliola
3 FRA-820 Benjamin Adjihou
4 FRA-673 Yann Brancato
5 NED-2 Jakob Kooij1
1 FRA-465 Nicolas Goyard
2 SLO-9 Jan Kosmina
3 FRA-848 Damien Arnoux
4 FRA-498 Basile Jacquin
5 FRA-9 Louis Rigaut
1 AUT-30 Markus Poltenstein
2 ESP-0 Alejandro Alcazar Rodriguez
3 FRA-808 Eric Thieme
4 FRA-163 Wilfried Vanherweghe
5 ITA-125 Giorgio Giorgi
1 FRA-312 Marie-Eugenie Simonet
2 FRA-425 Dora Bijvoet
3 FRA-582 Lisa Godon
4 FRA-946 Heloise Macquaert
5 FRA-1026 Mae Davico

The day continued with decreasing winds from 20 to 14 knots and elimination 4 started in the late afternoon until the wind dropped down to below the limit which is 11 knots for slalom racing.
Tomorrow the first skippers meeting of the first racing day is scheduled at 10am.
After the unfinished elimination 4 we spoke to some of the division leaders after 3 eliminations.

Tomorrow the first skippers meeting of the first racing day is scheduled at 10am.


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