”WATERZ look forward to be hosting the IFCA World Championships in Hvide Sande, Denmark. Especially welcoming the world’s best windsurfers to this area, means a lot to us. It is a very unique area to windsurf. Within a very short period of time you can get every thinkable condition. We are very sure that the world champion crowned here, will be one that can master everything from light wind to strong wind racing.”

IFCA: The days are getting closer for the Class its most exciting slalom competitions this season ( about 85+ entrees so far) ?

WATERZ ORG: We are excited..! Weather forecast looks great, so no doubt we will have some action packed days here in Hvide Sande.

IFCA: What can spectators – or those who will follow the event – expect during the Waterz festival ?

WATERZ ORG: WATERZ spectators can always expect to be entertained.. If there is wind or not, there will always be some kind of action to follow from the beach side. We offer a wide variety of boardsports, windsurf, kitesurf, surf, sup, wake-board and surfski.. And if you get really inspired as spectator, you even have the opportunity to go windsurf, SUP, Skateboarding your self.. And ofcourse.. -not to forget.. The legendary WATERZ party Saturday night..! ? Here we garter people to kick of a party with all the good surfkarma you can get.

 IFCA: Waterz is known for running a variety of multiple sport events – why the IFCA Slalom Worlds this season ?

WATERZ ORG: We always aim not to get stuck in the same set up, and keep on developing the event as well as our crew. For this to happen we also aim to get different international events each year. We do this so we can showcase the diversity of the area to all kinds of watersport enthusiasts. So this year we are very happy to present the IFCA Slalom Worlds.

IFCA: Besides windsurfing racing action, what else can visitors, competitors do in Hvide Sande ?

WATERZ ORG: Well, there is a long list… The event area presents a lot of opportunities.. The Cabel Park is just next door, so that is always worth a visit.. about 200 meters south of the event area there is a skate park, where there will be some cosy skating going on during the event days. The city of Hvide Sande is always worth a stroll.. -aswell as the piers going 700 meters out in the sea… The hole package is definitely worth a trip..! ?

IFCA: What we Do not know Yet ?

WATERZ ORG: We look so much forward to already kick it all off from Thursday night on, and to welcome you all here in Hvide Sande…

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