Home interview Peter Nors : ALMANARRE’S WEATHER IS PERFECT



so for sure I will return.

Athlete:  Peter Nors
Sail #  DEN – 431
Division:  Youths
Home Town:  Glyngoere

IFCA: How did you spend your winter time?
Peter: My winter has been so great, I have trained a little bit in the gym. I have been on Tenerife for 2 weeks for the TWS Pro slalom camp and it was so fantastic. Everybody knows it’s not possible to windsurf in Denmark in the winter, so for sure Tenerife was great!

IFCA: Best IFCA results
22’nd at the IFCA Slalom Europeans 2016
2’nd at the IFCA Worlds Egypt 2016

IFCA: Equipment set up for 2017
Peter: NeilPryde RS Racing “Evo 9” (Sails) JP Australia “Slalom” 2017 (Boards) Zulu slalom fins (Fins)

IFCA: Your Almanarre Experience ?
Peter: I was in Almanarre last year for the European championship, the weather was perfect! Most of the time I used the 8.6 and big board, everything was so well organized and perfect, so for sure I will return.

IFCA: Competitors you will keep an eye on – and why ?
Peter: Martin Møller Hovda, this year he is so fast. He has gained some weight in the gym and now he is fast as hell. I have trained with him on Tenerife and I can see he will be a big rival.

IFCA: How are you preparing for the Worlds ?
Peter: I’m training as much as I can on the water and I go to the gym to gain some weight… I have had my focus on my balance this winter so I can be as light as possible on the equipment.

IFCA: Event expectations ?
Peter: I know the youth guys this year are so fast, I hope I can get in top 10!

IFCA: Shout out to: NeilPryde Skandinavia NP Surf JP Australia Zulu fins Purepower DK Sydbank Interfjord A/S Idè – Pro Skive A/S Maritime Center Skive And last, my Mom and Dad! They all help me a lot in this amazing sport.

Peter will be competing in full form at the up coming IFCA Youth & Masters Worlds.

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