“PARACAS” comes from the Quechua (native) language and is  



The IFCA Slalom South American and Pan-American Championships will be held from the 15th to 19th Dec

IFCA: About windsurfing competitions in Peru?
EO: This year, we held five (5) Slalom Championships in Perú, mostly in Paracas Bay but we are looking forward to having more locations such as the North Shore, for instance, next year and if possible we want to continue to host international events ( inviting more riders from South America and the Caribbean).

IFCA: Why the decision to run the South Americans and Pan American Championships in Peru?
EO: In Paracas, we have perfect conditions. At the bay, it is almost flat and the wind blows between 12 and 20 knots with some wind peaks of 25 knots. It is always sunny, all year long. Paracas is a calm bay, with several hotels, motels and rental houses for all-budget competitors. We believe it is time for all foreign sailors to discover this place. It is real, not a myth: Paracas is the best place for slalom sailing, period!

IFCA: What should competitors know about the location?
EO: At Paracas, you have a lot to see, essentially Islas Ballestas that you can reach by boat in just 20 minutes, and where you can witness many sea-wolfs and penguins. Also, one of the famous Nazca lines, “El Candelabro” can be seen from the sea.
Near the bay, we have an on-site Museum of the Paracas Pre-Inca’s culture. Additionally, as it is considered a Natural Reserve, in Paracas landscape you can always find wildlife. It is a safe place for the reproduction of turtles and many migrant birds, just like the famous Peruvian flag-colored flamencos. There are also many local agencies for tours with buggies and quads. On the other side of the Paracas Natural Reserve, there are some spots for wave sailing and even for slalom, but way windier. Alessio Botteri calls that area “NO MANS LAND” since those spots are just empty desert, full of amazing nature and a powerful energy. A very special place for him.

IFCA: Could you share some details about the venue area?
EO: The venue, “OASIS Bahía de Paracas” club, is an excellent place, located in front of the Paracas Bay. It has a big swimming pool, a nice rest area with restaurant services and all the facilities for the competitors. Oasis has an excellent view of the event from the highest point too. It really has all we require for the event.

IFCA: What sort of weather could we expect during this time of the year?
EO: The weather in Paracas is mostly sunny and windy in December. As it will be the beginning of summertime, we will have an air temperature of 25-27 degrees Celsius and a water temperature of 20-21 degrees Celsius. The wind conditions should be the year’s best, between 14 and 22 knots with flat waters. Fun is insured!

IFCA: Something else we all should definitely know?
EO: Just in case the wind blows over 30 knots, we recommend using snow goggles and showing “balls of steel” as it could get pretty insane when the sandstorm enter the bay. Actually, “Paracas” that comes from the Quechua (native) language is the definition of a sandstorm. Also, it is important to say that sometimes we get little stingrays near the shore but if you get in and out carefully you would not have any trouble with them.

IFCA: Blueprint of program
EO: About the event program, we will have the inauguration and closing ceremonies, that will include food, beverages, and music for all participants, families, and friends. Also, we will have some local folk dances and presentations. Fun at night and party are guaranteed too!


Alessio Botteri  PER-20 | Ranked 4th on the IFCA World Rankings

IFCA: Are you satisfied with your 2018 season?
AB: Not the way I wanted it to go…still lots of events, new friends, experiences, adventure and fun, yeah, a lot of fun! I will try my best for a turnover through this last event at my home spot.

IFCA: How do you feel having this Continental Championship at home?
AB: It´s a lot of feelings, happy that we can finally have an event this big and important in a place like Paracas. Some pressure too, because everyone is watching, but a good type of pressure, I will show everyone to recognize the locals! Haha!

IFCA: Your connection with Paracas?
AB: I always take pictures in “La Canchita”, in Paracas Bay, is a very flat spot for sailing, just cruise along, with the sunset behind big dunes in the background, completely empty and all alone, with birds and no other noise except the wind, it makes you feel kind of special. One of the reasons I admire this place.

IFCA: Who are the challenging opponents?
AB: For sure, Simon Sousa will be on the mix, we train together, and I know his potential. I hope he can recover his injury on time too. I know Aron Etmon is coming, we had nice encounters before so for sure he is going to be interesting. Also, if the Guadalupe squad show up… oh boy! And I´m not even gonna mention Aruba’s Ethan Westera, he is next level, hopefully, I can challenge him in some races.

IFCA: Event Goal is?
AB: Winning, but above all, I want all my friends including me to have fun and enjoy Paracas to the fullest.

The IFCA Slalom South American and Pan-American Championships will be held from the 15th to 19th Dec | Event Page during the competitions HERE   |  You Can Still Register untill 15 DEC HERE 

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