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IFCA Youth & Masters Worlds – Day 4 & 5

Day 4 started with a smooth morning breeze. The night before, a fashion show was joined by 2 competitors at the festival square. The thermal winds finally kicked in and elimination 1 was finalized after some interesting battles in the Youth and Junior divisions.
The second elimination 2 started straight after as the wind was still suitable for some racing.

The Caribbean boys dominated on day 4 with Ethan Westera in the lead of the Youths and Jean Paul Da silva leading the Juniors. Nicolas Goyard missed out in the youths finals due to plastic bag that was caught on his fin. Damien Arnoux who performed well in the first elimination had a tough day as the tension between the top competitors was high.

Not much changes in the girls division and the same for masters with Marie-Eugenie Simonet in the lead of the girls and Andrea Rosati on top of the Masters rankings.

In the evening a special Memorial ceremony was held in honour of the great Alberto Menegatti. Family members, close friends and his mother were present.

For tomorrow a similar forecast is predicted with possible thermal winds for a few hours. Elimination 3 is scheduled and would allow a discard for youth and juniors. The tension is still on with some competitors sharing the same points making the last day an interesting one.

Day5 – The Final Day
The day of the French Domination in the Youth and Junior divisions.

The wind blew until the afternoon, with a few up and down moments until it was way to light to continue on this great final day of the 2015 IFCA JUNIOR, YOUTH & MASTERS SLALOM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS.
A great racing day with thermal winds blowing earlier then expected allowed the Youths and Juniors to complete 2 eliminations while the Girls and Masters continued with races up to 12 rounds.

Lots of ups and downs, and very tight races in the Junior and Youth divisions where Ethan Westera lost his chance to take the title to Nicolas Goyard who sailed consistent with perfect starts and jibes. Jean paul Da silva also struggled to keep his number one position. Jimmy Thiemme was in a come back mode and showed strong racing skills that brought him up on top of the Juniors.

The wind slowly vanished in the afternoon with 3 eliminations done and the 4th almost completed with the A and B finals done for Youths and Juniors. Due to the light winds the C finals for both division were not completed resulting in equal points sharing for some of the competitors.

Awards Ceremony took place later that night and the event was officially closed after 5 scheduled days of which 4 with suitable conditions for racing.
A successful accomplished event with thanks to the local organizing team of Roberto Raffa. For 2016 the IFCA Slalom World Championships for Juniors, Youths and Masters is scheduled to take place in Soma Bay, Egypt during the next summer.
Congratulations to all participants and the new World Champions.

Top 5 Finalists Youths ( U20 )
1FRA-465 Goyard Nicolas RRD Loft Sails | 2014 World Champion
2ARU-4 Westera Ethan Starboard Ga Sails
3FRA-498 Jacquin Basile RRD Point-7
4ARU-9 van den Eerenbeemt Nik JP Australia NeilPryde
5SLO-9 Kosmina Jan Fanatic North Sails
Top 5 Finalists Masters ( 35+ )
1ITA-0 Rosati Andrea RRD NeilPryde | 2014 World Champion
2ITA-415 Begalli Marco GM Starboard Severne Sails
3AUT-30 Markus Poltenstein GM RRD NeilPryde
4ITA-34 Lollobattista Michele GM Starboard NeilPryde
5ITA-21 Finocchiaro Antonino GM Fanatic North Sails
Top 5 Finalists Juniors ( U17 )
1FRA-888 Thieme Jimmy Fanatic North Sails
2CUR-914 Da Silva Jean-Paul Starboard Severne Sails
3FRA-931 Guillou Mathis Starboard Severne Sails
4SLO-11 Liam Orel Starboard NeilPryde
5FRA-120 Turpin Tim Tabou NeilPryde
Top 5 Finalists Youth+Junior Girls
1FRA-312 Simonet Marie-Eugenie RRD Loft Sails
2FRA-481 Bellon Océane U17 RRD Loft Sails
3ITA-2204 Fulceri Alessia RRD RRD
4FRA-425 Bijvoet Dora U17 RRD Loft Sails
5FRA-582 Godon Lisa RRD North Sails


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