The Final stop of the IFCA ABC Tour at the 15th Pro Kids Bonaire with 2 successful tropical days of sensational slalom racing with a total of 11 rounds of racing for each age division. Aruba the strongest among the islands who claiming several well deserved top podium positions. Curacao favorites Boris van Noort (U17) and Zara Rozeboom (Women ) kept a steady performance as additional local competitors joined in which brought some extra tension. Terence Clappers the MVP of the event and new comer Patricson Coffie performed with great confidence and style at home. Bonaire provided a large set up with thanks to the Aquaspeed windsurfing club, all the sponsors and a hard-working crew both on land and water during day and night.

YOUNG Dutch Caribbean Champions Awarded in Bonaire

The Dutch Caribbean Windsurf Champions were awarded in Bonaire at the 15th Pro Kids Mega Sports Event after 2 days of sensational slalom action with a total of 11 races completed in all divisions. The final event in Bonaire has officially brought closure to the first IFCA ABC Tour which started in Curacao followed by Aruba. The tour was dedicated to the young windsurfers of the island who traveled from island to island to compete with new friends at the same time having fun and learning about competition rules to gain experience and prepare for international championships.

The first day of competitions in Bonaire went smooth in light to medium winds, the IFCA divisions races where held further on the outside of lac bay with a finish near to the beach and The Pro Kids categories sailed on a separate course closer to the beach with support from a dedicated crew for the youngsters. A total of 7 races were sailed with 4 general recalls and 2 protest.

The final event day was short with the races already starting at 09:45. a total of 4 races were accomplished before mid day with 2 general recalls and 1 protest . For the Final Race, a full fleet fun race was organized. The happy vibes continued while all the equipment were being packed to be ready for shipping back to Curacao and Aruba. The event Awards ceremony and the crowning of the Dutch Caribbean Championship took most of the afternoon. The overall winners were scored based on results from Curacao, Aruba and Bonaire with 1 event discard.

Event #3 Result Category Under 15:
1st place: Floris Kaffener (Aruba)
2nd place: Luca Davidsson (Bonaire)
3rd place: Toon Gaarthuis (Aruba)

Event #3 Result Category Under 17:
1st place: Terence Clappers (Bonaire)
2nd place: Patricson Coffie (Bonaire)
3rd place: Boris van Noort (Curacao)

Event #3 Result Category Youth Under 21:
1st place: Nathan Westera (Aruba)
2nd place: Tom de Vries (Aruba)
3rd place: Millan Kuppens (Netherlands)

Event #3 Result Category Women:
1st place: Carmen Geelkens (Aruba)
2nd place: Zara Rozeboom (Curacao)
3rd place: Koleta Abrahamsz (Bonaire)

Nathan Westera the 2019 Youth Dutch Caribbean Slalom Champion from Aruba dominated the Youth division with his unstoppable performance, one who has the greatest velocity and kept a charming attitude throughout all the events.

Terence Clappers the 2019 Junior (U17) Dutch Caribbean Slalom Champion from Bonaire recognized for his perfect timed starts and great board speed. A strong up and coming talent among the many Bonairian windsurfing youths.

Floris Kaffener the 2019 Junior (U15) Dutch Caribbean Slalom Champion from Aruba, the serious competitor who now and then can throw in a good portion of jokes and that is only when not competing. The competitor you want to be a friend with or else….

Carmen Geelkens the 2019 Women Dutch Caribbean Slalom Champion from Aruba who has come a long way since we first saw her at her debute event back in 2017 at the Grand Prix Croatia – Slalom Europeans. Will we see more podium appearances? Only one way to find out this season at the next class championships.

The overall Tour Rankings

Congratulations to all the competitors who have participated in Bonaire – the final stop – and throughout the whole ABC Tour, it was a tropical experience whereas each island with its own special vibe. Special Thanks to Marius van Noort, Marja Hoveling and Derchlien Vrolijk and all their local crew and sponsors who have made this great event concept possible.

May the Tropical adventures continue in 2020.



Images: Triostories | IFCA

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