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The WATERZ 2015 IFCA JUNIOR & YOUTH FREESTYLE/WAVE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP has come to an end.  Congratulations to Amado Vrieswijk (NB-20), 2015 IFCA Youth Freestyle World Champion, to Mats Moyson the 2015 IFCA Junior Freestyle Champion and also to all the other competitors who took part with such enthusiasm.

Huge thanks are due to West Wind – Surf Cafe, the WATERZ Crew, Veronika Roy, Sport Event Denmark, Dennis Vandborg, Katrine, Andreas Jorgensen, Davy Scheffers, Tonky Frans, Escar, Ain Harmson and everyone else involved in setting up this super cool event.

On the last day wind conditions were very teasing – at times just right on the edge at 11 to 14 knots. Competitors were on standby hoping the wind would improve to finalise the double eliminations for both Youth and Junior divisions.

Youth and Junior single eliminations had been completed the day before in great conditions, sunny and windy, but hopes of continuing with the double elimination were dashed as the rain set in and the wind became very unstable.

On competition day 4, with no chance of any on water activity, a bike ride was arranged for the competitors to Denmark’s highest lighthouse – the 38 meters Lyngvig Lighthouse. Thanks to hvidesandebike.dk for supplying the bikes.

On day three there was not enough wind for official competition but everyone enjoyed a freestyle experience session followed by another session of the new fun “Game of Tricks” for which prizes were awarded at the evening BBQ party.

“Game of Tricks”, powered by one of the events brand sponsors Maui Ultra Fins, had been introduced the day before, competition day two, when Tonky Frans and Davy Scheffers joined the competitors for a little light wind freestyle practice session.  The kids got the chance of a lifetime to ask the Pro’s all the questions they wanted such as: competition preparation, training effectively, light wind freestyle, freestyle maneuvers, wave sailing, different wind conditions, staying focused, analyzing, tactics, mental insights and so much more.  This was followed by a cable wake boarding session.

Day 1 began with glorious sunshine and, even though the wind was down, the skippers meeting was held at 10am with the introduction of the event crew and the area. As the winds were super light a wave SUP Program was scheduled for the competitors while being on standby for better conditions.

Despite just the one day full of official action on the water, all the kids enjoyed a great week with so many alternative activities laid on. Their verdict – Hvide Sande simply rocks!!

RESULTS:  Youth / Junior

Watch the daily videos:  DAY 6DAY 5 / DAY 4 / DAY 3 / DAY 2 / DAY 1

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