The Game was On, It was Wind out of Nowhere

The fourth day at 2017 IFCA Slalom Worlds for Women and the European Championships for Men with 2 eliminations completed for the Women and 1 for the Men. The wind finally came tough after 3 days of waiting for the wind. It was all or nothing during the entire week of hot summer temperatures and an intense waiting game with 71 competitors all ready to experience and compete in slalom championships.  

The day it all happened was Day 4, which started really boring with No sun, No wind, and a very very low tide, it was a sad morning. Compared to all others due to a poor forecast predicted for the next final day. The Race committee even decided – if and only if the thermal winds would show up to run a full fleet for women and a half fleet giant slalom race for men to be able to validate at least 1 round of racing in small window of 11 to 14 knots of wind.  After a few quite hours it just suddenly just happened. The wind was filling in, some competitors went out and started planing and the tension was on. It was the only chance for this entire championship, and everyone knew it. The races started very late in the afternoon until the dark hours after sunset.

Delphine Cousin Questel Winner of both Women’s Eliminations:
The first competition days were not so good, due to the unusual weather, well we can not control the weather and waiting for wind is part of our sport. The races on the fourth day went well, and I was so happy to get out to finally race, the wind seemed light but it was not that light during the races. I knew I had good board speed compared to the others so I just gave my best and made sure I advance to the Finals. It was all about the perfect starts, I am happy to have been competing here in La Tranche not only for the IFCA Women Worlds but also in the famous Raid La Tranche so it was 7 great days and I am happy with my results.

Previous IFCA Titles won:
2011 Slalom Women Worlds France

Women’s Elimination #1 and #2 Details

Antoine Albeau Winner of Men’s elimination:
I came to compete in La Tranche because the Organizer is a good and old friend of mine, and I used to compete since I am 15 years old in the local slalom event and I basically just live on the island across from here “ Île de Ré “. Last year when we met during the famous long distance he asked me  for advice for running a bigger event and I told him that he has my full support whenever he will organize a bigger event.  Racing after 3 days of waiting: I knew I had a good speed with on my big gear, I noticed that during the early heats as I was a bit faster then most of the competitors, but you never know when it comes  down to the final, its just 10 people and basically the best out of the entire list and its quite short. If you have a bad start or arrive late at the first mark it just would be hard to fight back, even if you are faster. So it was always a bit stress at the start. During the races it was not so easy as we raced in one direction at the beginning and had to change the course set up really quickly due to a huge wind lull and then we had to start again on a total different scene, it was kind of funny but hey! I had a good final. It was not all easy, I almost messed up one of my starts, because I did not want to go over early and Nicolas Warembourg and Loic Le Gallois were both pushing hard. Loic had a good start near the boat while I was at the pin and not the first one but I did manage to pass from bellow and still round the first mark with Loic chasing me as it was very light at the second mark and he is a very light athlete ass well but I managed to get away. This week was perfect for me, a great experience especially for some of the people from the region here who follow and know me well, and its not like I am the local guy because I am from a total different region between here , La Rochelle and the Island. I won the Raid La Tranche long distance race, the Foil event and The IFCA Men Europeans and the organizers and people involved are super happy with my results.

Previous IFCA Titles Won:
Course race Men
Overall event winner Slalom – Course racing

Men’s Elimination #1 Details

The last competition day felt like a big relief after the previous long day, there were a view competitors excited and eager to get some more racing done to eventually improve their event result. The conditions were just not showing up, so the event organizer requested for an early prize giving ceremony which was scheduled for 16:00 on the 8th of July in front of “ Cercle Nautique Tranchais ” in La Tranche Sur Mer.

A Big thanks to  Cercle Nautique Tranchais and their entire event team, The race Committee and VISIONLIVE for a great event set up. Congratulations to all competitors who participated and to the 2017 IFCA Slalom Female World Champion Delphine Cousin Questel and the 2017 European Men Slalom Champion Antoine Albeau.

Women Podium Results La Tranche:
2017 IFCA Slalom Women Worlds
1 Delphine Cousin Questel | FRA – 2017 Slalom World Champion
2 Marion Mortefon | FRA
3 Maja Dziarnowska | POL

Best Female Youths:
1 Marine Marmey   | FRA
2 Taina Postec | FRA  
3 Jamaine Carlotti | FRA

Men Podium Results La Tranche:
2017 IFCA Slalom Men Europeans
1 Antoine Albeau | FRA – 2017 Slalom European Champion
2 Loic Le Gallois | FRA
3 Nicolas Warembourg | FRA

Best Male Youths:
1 Damien Arnoux | FRA  
2 Martin Moller Hovda | NOR
3 Jules Lohan | FRA

Next up: IFCA heads down to the South of Italy for the 2nd stage of the Newly create IFCA Grand Prix Series, where competitors will race in the slalom format to earn points towards the overall 2017 series rankings. Then it will be 2 more Gpseries to follow, The IFCA Grand Prix Croatia (stage#3) and the first Grand Prix Series Final in Mauritius this September.

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