The right forecast brought a final day full of action at the the 2021 ENEL IFCA Slalom European championship in sunny Sardegna Spiaggia di Sottotorre, Calasetta.

The forecast for the final day of the IFCA Slalom European Championship was promising, however for offshore winds. Nobody really knew how this was going to work out. At around 11:00 the Ponente wind started to get stronger and stronger so all crew was sent out to prepare the racecourse. It was clear that it will not be an easy day with shifty and gusty winds.

The waiting game sort of started again and there were those who were happy with the results and those who wanted to race more. Wind gusting from 6 to 18 knots and shifting for 30-40 degrees made it challenging to set the course, but the very experienced race officer Claudio Alesandrello struck once again. The conditions got more stable and the AP flag went down at 13:25 that meant the first heat of the day would start in 15 min.

The course was set far in the sea and the first heats needed to be canceled as the wind was still causing issues. However, the crew really wanted fair racing so they kept on trying the starts and finally, the wind stabilized enough to finish the men’s elimination 3. In regular 13-18 knots of wind and yet again it was Malte Reuscher – GER who was the fastest and remained as leader of the event, followed by the French Jacquin Basile – FRA and Ingmar Daldorf – NED.

A special mention to the skilful Francesco Scagliola -ITA who made a very nice jibe to finish race 3 in 4th place.

The real show was happening in the women’s fleet. Race number 6 was canceled the first time and in the re-sail by mistake Anna Biagiolini, who was currently 3rd as the last day started, went to start nevertheless she was over early on the first day. That mistake made her account for another disqualification so basically, she was out of races 6 and 7.

On the other hand, the current leader Fabienne Hoogendam – NED made a bad start and finished last in race 6. Olivia Rosique – FRA and Andrea Vanhoorne – BEL took the opportunity and accounted for the first win and second place of the day.

After a half-hour break, the racing couldcontinue. The conditions were still challenging but the wind got steadier. There were no surprises in the qualifying rounds except that we missed Bruno Martini – ITA who was not present at the starting line.

The mighty A final had a good start and the impressive speed of Malte Reuscher – GER which he held till the end of the race to finally claim a well-deserved title of the 2021 IFCA Slalom European Champion. Jacquin Basile – FRA finished the race on 4th and ends the championship as 2021 IFCA Slalom Vice-European Champion while Ingmar Daldorf finished on the 4th place in the last race to hold on just by one point claiming the overall 3rd place to close the podium positions.

In women, the drama continued as it really was not the day for Anna Biagiolini ITA that accounted for another over early in the last race of the competition together with Andrea Vanhoorne BEL who both where pushing hard the last day. Despite the OCS Andrea managed to rise to 3rd place overall with two 2nd position on the final day.

After two bad races from Fabienne Hoogendam NED finally managed to get her act together in the 8th final race for woman and finished 4th to become the 2021 IFCA Slalom Vice-European Champion.

With a brilliant final day and three consecutive bullets Olivia Rosique – FRA deservedly became the 2021 IFCA Slalom European Champion.

The stand out of the day was for sure Francesco Scagliola – ITA who was sailing really well during this event, and with some impressive jibes to account a 4th and 5th place and stepped up to the 6th place in the overall standing which also made him the best Italian rider of the event.

And so it was, The End of a succesfull championship with challenging conditions, lay days and friendly evenings that will remain in our memories for a long time. Calasetta has shown its character and proved to be a top venue for championship events in windsurfing and we promise to go back again.




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