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Final Day at IFCA Juniors Freestyle Europeans


This morning, it was hauling, the whole place was shaking from the wind. Once on the beach of ‪#‎Perna‬, by the ‪#‎SurfKlubTriStriele‬, the wind was gone and the disappointment was on everyone’s face . .

But Miss Bura finally decided to kick in and so both competition could be ran. The ‪#‎ProKids‬ fleet filling up the breaks that the ‪#‎EuropeanFreestyleProTour‬ had to take. Non stop action and some moments that will feed the Dreams of the kids.

Lennart and Trvtko could take part of the ‪#‎EFPT‬, but the story that will be told today is the one of the ‪2016 IFCA FREESTYLE EUROPEANS

Training before the heat, Hrvoje got caught by a strong gust and would never have been able to come back up, in time, leaving the road to the semi finals wide open for Zrinka and for Val.
The show those two put against Lennart and Trvtko was a good one, but it was not enough to take them out. And after the loser’s final, Zrinka Ljutic (twelve year old and probably the most stylish rider of the whole fleet) could take the third place after a close fight with nine year old Val from Slovenia. Then the winner final was beautiful, Lennart Neubauer took the lead from the beginning and did not let any chance to Trvtko Ljutic. Spock one hand, flaka, shakas attempts. . . The kid is good and he knows it.

Congratulation for this second title after last year’s one.

Later in the afternoon, they went for a best trick super session and this time, it’s Trvtko who got the better of it with a Flaka 360.

Tonight is the closing ceremony, where the juniors will be hanging with the pros one more night.

Over and out, Colin


5 Hrvoje Ljutić (9yo – Croatia)
4 Val Eržen (9 yo – Slovenia)
3 Zrinka Ljutic (12yo – Croatia)
2 Trvtko Ljutic (13yo – Croatia)
1 Lennart Neubauer (12yo – Greece)



Picture once again courtesy of ‪#‎BorisKaćanPhotographie‬

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