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Exciting Day at Almanarre Plage

The fourth competition day started early with the skippers meeting at 9am. Yesterday’s relaxation caused for an exciting morning as the sun was out and the vibes for good winds were positive.  However the wind came through a bit later and smoothly with wind readings between 10 and 14 knots after the skippers meeting.
The Masters completed their first round of elimination 4 and the following divisions Juniors, Youths and Masters could continue with the qualification rounds 5 and 6.
Conditions were good with increasing winds gusting up to 20 knots.

Females top 5 results after elimination 41 FRA-312 Marie-Eugenie Simonet
2 FRA-425 Dora Bijvoet
3 FRA-582 Lisa Godon
4 FRA-946 Heloise Macquaert
5 FRA-1026 Mae Davico
Juniors top 5 results after elimination 41 FRA-888 Jimmy Thieme
2 FRA-820 Benjamin Adjihou
3 ITA-353 Francesco Scagliola
4 NED-2 Jakob Kooij
5 FRA-673 Yann Brancato1
Youths top 5 results after elimination 41 FRA-465 Nicolas Goyard
2 SLO-9 Jan Kosmina
3 FRA-498 Basile Jacquin
4 FRA-848 Damien Arnoux
5 NED-262 Coen Swijnenburg
Masters top 5 results after elimination 41 ESP-0 Alejandro Alcazar Rodriguez
2 AUT-30 Markus Poltenstein
3 TUR-611 Erkan Morgan
4 FRA-808 Eric Thieme
5 FRA-316 Rabetaud Gilles

The wind became tricky at the beginning of elimination 5, the race committee decided to put the AP flag up so riders could go back to the beach, to change gear and wait for better winds.  The wind returned a little and the race committee pushed on forward to continue racing as the forecast looked even worse for the afternoon.
Females:  FRA-312 Marie-Eugenie Simonet still in the lead and others such as FRA-582 Lisa Godon and FRA-425 Dora Bijvoet showed great skills in today’s racing day. Juniors:  ITA-353 Francesco Scagliola with an OCS and out of the finals in elimination 4 while FRA-888 Jimmy Thieme simply dominated the juniors division with his friend FRA-820 Benjamin Adjihou right behind him. Today NED-2 Jakob Kooij got his pace together and kept a good performance throughout the day. The battle for second went to FRA-820 Benjamin Adjihou who played a  consistent game vs the Italian ITA-353 Francesco Scagliola. Youths:  Better performances for SLO-9 Jan Kosmina, NED-262 Coen Swijnenburg and FRA-848 Damien Arnoux. FRA-498 Basile Jacquin had a great day with a second place in the 4th elimination but could not keep his performance up in elimination 5 leaving him stuck in fouth position. FRA-848 Damien Arnoux made a great come back after a poor performance in elimination 4.  Great starts and technical sailing were to cause for his second place finish in elimination 5 and with 2 discards he earned a well deserved second position after 5 eliminaions. FRA-465 Nicolas Goyard was simply one of the best out there, this French kid is just too fast over the course with great starts and great jibes. Masters:  In elimination 4 we saw TUR-611 Erkan Morgan performing at his best with a second position in the finals to upgrade his overall ranking to a second position. Not bad at all for the heavy weight Master. FRA-316 Rabetaud Gilles had a great day but not quite enough even with the 2 discards.  AUT-30 Markus Poltenstein had a few mistakes here and there including a huge crash but with 2 discards he is now in second position and definitely feels happy about that.  ESP-0 Alejandro Alcazar Rodriguez a great competitor who got 2 bullets today, kept his position as the overall number 1 in the masters division. Today was an exciting day for the 2015 IFCA JUNIOR, YOUTH & MASTERS SLALOM EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS here in Hyeres, Almanarre Plage. The forecast for tomorrow looks a bit light, but you never know with these thermal winds, guess we all will have to wait and see.  Tomorrow the first skippers meeting of day 5 is scheduled at 10am with the first start at 11am.

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