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‘The European Freestyle Championship in Six Fours could be a tight final !’

Everything is still possible in the relentless fight for the European Freestyle Champion title 2015: only 7 days are left until the final stage of the European Freestyle Championship (EFPT) will take place in Six Fours les Plages from October 29th through November 1st 2015. If the wind kicks in, this last event could turn out to be a very exciting final!

The last event before this ultimate stop was staged in the Netherlands and ended on October 11th. Although Adrien Bosson from Six Fours was ranked first overall after three events, Amado Vrieswijk ended up beating him at the DAM-X event in Brouwersdam and took over the lead in the EFPTs 2015 overall ranking. Amado, from the Dutch West Indies, is one of the best international freestyle windsurfers and is currently ranked 3rd world-wide! No doubt he will give it all to take home the ‘2015 European Freestyle Pro Tour Champion’ title.

Bosson is very involved in the European tour this year as he took part in all the competitions and finished each tour-stop with a great position: 3rd in Greece, 5th in the Canary Islands, 1st in Croatia and then 4th in the Netherlands. Even though Vrieswjik and Yentel Caers from Belgium could overtake him pointwise, he still holds the 3rd  place overall before the final competition at his ‘home spot’.

We will also have to keep an eye on the young talent Yentel Caers during the upcoming Six Fours event. We were aware of him since his first participation in the EFE in 2009, when the entrants had to be 19 years old or under 19. Due to training with some of the best windsurfers world-wide over the winter time, Yentel has incredibly improved his skills since last year. The 20 years old sailor is now ranked 2nd on the European tour and 11th world-wide! The Belgian has confirmed his participation in the upcoming event and is ready to fight for the overall title.

Another Belgian to watch out for is Steven Van Broeckhoven, former freestyle World Champion in 2011, European Champion in 2009, 2010, 2013 and 2014 and winner of the EFE (European Freestyle Expression) in 2013. Being a routined competitor, Steven is a regular on the podiums. He did not have a good start in 2015 due to a bad foot injury that kept him away from both- European and International Championships. After fighting back from this injury, he is now in 6th position in the EFPT overall ranking. He will be attending the competition in Six Fours to prove that he remains one of the best freestylers in the world!

5th in the European ranking at this point, the Belgian Dieter Van Der Eyken will miss the EFE this year. The 2012 winner of the EFE and recently crowned 2015 Freestyle World Champion will be ‘on a mission’ in Hawaii at the same time! This might be a good opportunity for Hugo De Sousa from Brazil (4th in the European ranking), Phil Soltysiak from Canada (10th world-wide and 7th in Europe) and the young Swiss rider Loick Spicher, to climb up in the ranking.

Amongst the French contenders is Antony Ruenes from La Ciotat, one of the best French freestylers. Ranked 5th world-wide in 2015 and always in the top ten for years, Ruenes is only 15th in the European tour, having missed all the events except for one. If strong wind is forecasted, Ruenes will know how to play his cards right! As a member of the local club ‘Six Fours Windsurf Organisation’, Julien Mas will defend the colors of his association. This rider from Grenoble only took part in the last event in the Netherlands this year. Very confident in the ‘Tow in’ discipline, he could still surprise us in light winds. The young French riders Antoine Albert from New Caledonia and Sam Estève from Narbonne will also be attending this final competition and are both very capable of shining as competitors as well as demonstrating their skills in ‘Tow in’. But we will miss the participation of Nico Akgazciyan who might have been a threat to the other riders and a contender to the podium since he scored a great 4th place in the World Cup this year.

Above was a brief overall view of all the strong contenders for the title as ‘2015 European Freestyle Champion’ following this last event in Six Fours: three sailors are in the top 10 world-wide – including one French rider – and eight freestylers are out of the current European top 10 – including local boy Adrien Bosson who wants to defend his 3rd place, or even climb up to second or first position.

All eyes are now on the weather forecast for the event dates. It will determine whether the last international freestyle competition of the year will be launched or whether some spectacular ‘Tow in’ action will be staged. In either case, the show will be on at ‘Brutal Beach’!!

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