The 2016 IFCA Aruba Hi-Winds | Pan American Slalom Championships on a role with a continuation of yesterday’s action.

The skippers meeting was held at 10:00 and the competitors were put on standby due to unsuitable conditions. It did not take too long for the winds to pick up and the first races could start on the second competition day.

A new course- shorter and more compact- was set which made the races and the performance of the competitor a little bit more dynamic and more exciting to watch with great action around the marks making it interesting with the tight turns and overtaking.

The conditions were a bit similar like the first day with winds from 16 up to 20 knots.
A few protest were made but had been dismissed thus not valid. There were also a quite a few premature starts as riders kept pushing to cross the line at 0.0sec.

In The Gran Masters Constantino Saragoza from Bonaire has been pretty consistent and is still leading his division, however sharing points now with Sergio Mehl from Argentina after a total of 9 Eliminations had been completed whereas both sailors continuously been shifting vice verse between the top 2 positions.

Constantino Saragoza about his event experience after two days of competitions:
Aruba is always a nice location to compete, my division is a hard one but I am currently in first place. I feel confident I can continue leading, we from Bonaire if we compete we go all the way.
Regarding the conditions I really do not mind in what kind of winds we race, strong or light, I trust my techniques, just that I should be a little more early on my starts and that is one of my issues in this championship event, I was not always perfect on my starts. I have been racing for about 10 years now on IFCA events and Sergio Mehl from Argentina is one of the guys that I always meet in the top 5 competitors so we are used to battle each other on the race course. In the end I am joining this event a lot including the night activities.

In the Seniors things got a bit interesting as Gollito Estredo from Venezuela, Nik Van Den Eerenbeemt from Aruba and Mateus Isaac from Brazil managed to sail well in the earlier rounds of the first eliminations of day 2. Ethan Westera from Aruba remains on second position and probably will give all in on the third competition day. Taty Frans kept it save and still leads the Senior divisions even with a little tension from the some of the competitors who stayed closer this time due to the new compact course.

In the Youths Alessio Botteri from Peru is fighting but once again had a few mistakes here and there during the races, but is catching up with Mack Van Den Eerenbeemt from Aruba who is leading this division with a 0.3 points lead in front of the Peruvian.

Not too much changes for the Juniors as Nathan Westera from Aruba remains the kid on top with Simon Sousa from Peru who even managed to win 2 eliminations on day 2 right behind him.
Melvin Van der Linde from Aruba is comfortably in third position by keeping it save and smooth.

A bit more winds are expected on the third competition day at the The 2016 IFCA Aruba Hi-Winds | Pan American Slalom Championships which will probably shakes things up a little as there are competitors who do prefer the rougher conditions to bring out the maximum of their performance.

Seniors top 5 Results

1 NB 9 Taty Frans
2 ARU 4 Ethan Westera
3 BRA 767 Mateus Isaac
4 VEN 10 Gollito Estredo
5 VEN 5 Miguel Bruggeman


Youths top 5 Results

1 ARU 11 Mack Van Den Eerenbeemt
2 PER 20 Alessio Botteri
3 NOR 41 Martin Moller Hovda
4 NB 117 Jurgen Saragoza
5 ARU 103 Tom Croes


Juniors top 5 Results

1 ARU 8 Nathan Westera
2 PER 8 Simon Sousa
3 ARU 60 Melvin Van Der Linde
4 ARU 71 Nicolas Verploeg
5 NB 66 Arnold Wilsoe


Grand Masters top 5 Results

1 NB 8 Constantino Saragoza
2 ARG 21 Sergio Mehl
3 COL 61 Uwe Dreijer
4 VEN 17 Juan Fernandes
5 PER 11 Guillermo Ruiz Vier


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Skippers meeting for the next racing day is set at 10:00

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