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Day 1 IFCA Juniors Freestyle Europeans

Tvrtko Wins the first “light wind game”.

After a good day of wind while most of the riders were already on sight, allowing our photographer Boris Kačan Photography to get some beautiful shots, a nice and a warm day, five kids registered.

Val Hrzen from Slovenia (9 yo), Hrvoje Ljutic from Croatia (9 yo) the sister Zrinka (12 yo), the local rising star Tvrtko (13 yo) and last year’s champ, coming all the way down from Greece, Lennart Neubauer (12 yo).

After the skipper’s meeting, the words on this first day were “chilling and reuniting” but there is no way that we leave those kids chasing Pokemon all over the beach so it’s with a Tow-In Freestyle session that the big guns from the European Freestyle Pro Tour opened with a show in front the Croatian TV and a fully crowded beach. Watching, their eyes wide opened, sitting on the beach in front of the Surf klub Tri Strijele, the kids were shooting and cheering every action from the pros.

Straight after that, still under the lens of the Croatian TV camera, our Pro Kids were on for a “Donkey Game”. Let us explain what is it all about :

First kid goes on the water, does one trick and comes back. Second kid goes out, has to do the same trick and to adds one of his own. Third rider sails out, does the two first tricks and once again gets to add to the list his own move. And so on, until someone falls down two times or miss a trick twice from the list that they had to remember and try to execute on the water.

At this game, Val falls first quickly followed by Hrvoje. Zrinka who put on a good fight but missed a flowing sail 360. Then, and believe me when I tell you that I thought that we were gonna spend the night, Tvrtko and Lennart, the two friends, were unstoppable !!! and after a couple of rounds and a growing list, reaching ten different moves, Lennart did a 360 in the wrong way, used his joker and got confuse. There was just to many to remember and so that is how Tvrtko won this first “light wind game”.

One thing for sure, it’s gonna be a tight battle between the two friends that just spent one month training together in Greece

Now the opening ceremony will happen this evening at the Beach Bar in Perna, and let’s hope for some proper wind tomorrow so all our young talents can show us what they really got under their belt.

Skipper’s meeting will be at 12 tomorrow morning.

Over and out, Colin

photo courtesy of Boris Kačan Photography

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