Dutch Talent Tops the Youths at the 2018 IFCA Slalom European Championship in Sylt Germany

A Rookie in Sylt:
Ennio: Its the first time for me here in Sylt, but I like it.
The beach is great and when the weather is nice it is a really beautiful place.
At the beginning of this week before the races we could enjoy sunny offshore winds, flat water conditions nothing like yesterdays side-shore – heavy conditions with 2 to 3 meters of waves with gusts up to 30knots. At the end of the day it was just great!

Being the first Youth in the current event rankings:
Ennio: I am pretty satisfied, yesterday I managed to do some good races, 5th position in all 3 eliminations and leading the rankings as the best youth now. However there are more racing days coming up, today we have a lay day due to the heavy conditions so they have decided to run the wave competitions. Well its also to early to celebrate anything because the races are still on, so we will have to see.

Formula and Slalom:
Ennio: My focus is mainly on Slalom racing, I have been training and preparing at the TWS center in Tenerife for a couple of Months earlier this season. I have not really spend time on Formula but I attended the Formula World Championship in Lagos, Portugal and got a 12th Place overall which is not that bad at all with so less practice done. For the next periods it will be all about Slalom.

Slalom Competition plans:
Ennio: For now, this is the first Slalom Championship for me this season,  there will be some Dutch Slalom Championships, Costa Brava Spain and Portugal for the PWA Slalom World Tour. I will also be attending the 2018 IFCA Youth & Masters World Championship in Torbole Lake Garda Italy and later in Augusts the 2018 IFCA Grand Prix Croatia which will also be the Youth & Masters Slalom European Championship.

Next Days in Sylt:
Ennio: Well to be honest in Holland I usually sail with 8.6 and 9.4 in flat water, looking at the forecast it maybe could be smoother offshore winds again for the last competition days. I just hope the wind will drop a little bit so I can go on 7.8 and feel more comfortable and fast. Yesterday on 7.0 was not that bad, in the end it wont matter too much I guess.

The Competition level here in Sylt:
Ennio: The level is pretty good, there are those French young guys and also Italian Francisco Scagliola who is right behind me with 1 point difference, he had a good race in the second elimination. So lets see as we have 4 more days to go, everyone is prepared and wants to win, so it all depends on the conditions and the focus of the competitors, so we just will see. Looking forward to some more great battles on the water.

Tomorrows Skippers meeting is set for 09:30 and some slalom races are on the schedule..

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Images by: Nicole Riederer | Lightnic Photography

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