Home Slalom Day 4 : Young Gun from Aruba ” Ethan Westera ” Takes the lead

Day 4 : Young Gun from Aruba ” Ethan Westera ” Takes the lead

Day 4 AT THE 2017 SLALOM WORLDS: Young Gun from Aruba ” Ethan Westera ” takes the lead

Wind winds windy, Day 4 was all about wind, waves and concentration.
The competitions could continue in somewhat different conditions then the previous days.
Dead Onshore winds with waves from 1 to 2 meters swells on the outside.
Heading out was already tricky and for some of the competitors it was scary and though.
A few rescues had to be made, a few equipment damages and also a few injuries were results of the though waves here on the beach in front of Paal 17 in Texel, The Netherlands.

Ethan Westera from Aruba leads the 2017 IFCA Slalom World Championships with 4.4 points ( 3.3 ahead of his nearest opponent )

Ethan Focused During the Jibes in the Big Waves

Ethan Quotes: It was a hard battle today, I was on my 7.1 and medium board in the difficult conditions. Everyone was pushing and I am happy that everything worked out for me – 2 bullets and a 5th – could not have been any better for me. Tomorrow is another day, all my gear is ready, I am feeling great so whatever the next day will bring, I’ll be ready to fight. “ So Bring It On “

Cyril Moussilmani from France who is currently in 2nd Place was not available for any comments as his Protest against Jordy Vonk got dismissed during the A Finals of Elimination #4. The Jury point out PART 2 WHEN BOARDS MEET from the IFCA Experimental Slalom Competition Rules. | SECTION B GENERAL LIMITATIONS 14 AVOIDING CONTACT A board shall avoid contact with another board if reasonably possible but no board shall be penalized under this rule unless there is contact that causes injury, capsize or serious damage.

A Though Day for the Previous Event Leader

Jordy Vonk in his game in Elimination # 4

Jordy Vonk from The Netherlands currently in 3rd place quotes:
Well its going a bit too unstable as I did not make all 3 winner finals today due to mistakes made by meself. But still I got a 6th and 4th today which put me on the 3rd Place, at the moment it seems a bit close in the results and we are not done yet. I am of course happy to take the Victory in the last elimination sailed today, lets see what happens tomorrow, just got to stay sharp and be ready to defend or improve my results, so I will be ready for whatever tomorrow brings.

The top 8 includes:
Andrea Rosati the 2017 IFCA Master Slalomm World Champion from Italy the consistent Nicolas Warembourg from France, Basile Jacquin the 2017 IFCA Youth Slalom World Champion from New Caledonia, Maciek Rutkowski from Poland and Nicolas Goyard the former multiple IFCA Youth World Champion.

Full Result Listings after 4 Eliminations HERE


Tomorrow skippers meeting is scheduled at 09:00, The battle for the 2017 IFCA Slalom World Championship Title will continue. ( Hover your mouse on the desired athlete his name to review his progression trough the eliminations sailed today ) Live Scoring Texel

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