The waiting continues with a fun SUP race on the third day at the  the 2021 ENEL IFCA Slalom European championship in sunny Sardegna Spiaggia di Sottotorre, Calasetta.

In the afternoon around 14:30, the wind from the West started to pick up, so the race officer Claudio Alesandrello went to inspect the wind conditions. As soon as the anemometer at one point hit the 15 knots, with the average still being on 10 knots he decided to make everything ready in case the winds would be pick up. At the 15:00 announcement, the sailors were warned to be on stand by, so if the conditions would improve the AP would be taken down and in 15 min the first race would be started. Despite all the preparations the wind on average never passed the needed 11 knots to start the race so at 16:30 when the wind started to drop the racing was called off for the day.

But the local organizer was kind enough to give some prices for a fun SUP race. All competitors had the chance to race, but 6 Italians and 4 international racers signed up.

So the IFCA scorer Wouter and IFCA representative Tine decided to join the SUP race titled : »Italy against all!«. Both teams took it seriously and the crowds enjoyed the entertainment on their own. In the end, the Italians took the win in a breathtaking finish.

In a nice friendly atmosphere, the day ended and we are looking forward to tomorrow’s very promising forecast to finish the event in the best possible way.

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Stay tuned!

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