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Day 2 IFCA Juniors Freestyle Europeans

Still no wind for the second day for the Juniors but the day was full of action and filled up with good vibes.

It all started at lunch break with our little groups meeting with Steven Van Broeckhoven, Riccardo Marca, Rafael de Windt and Johnny Yagen to share a few words about what it is to be a professional windsurfer. Plenty of smiles and loads of good vibes to start the day, a moment that will stay in their minds for quite some time, you can be sure of that !!!

Then the pros from the European Freestyle Pro Tour went for a tow in freestyle competition and allowed Tvrtko Ljutic and Lennart Neubauer to join the fleet. At this game, while they could barely hold the handle a year ago, they could show a fully committed and crowded beach that they were able to do some proper tricks attempt, and if Tvrtko was throwing some nice burner attempt, Lennart took the best of it with a beautiful air funnel almost landed. I am really looking forward for the next decade and to see how far those two will go. So much talent for such a young age (12 and 13 yo) !!!


On the late afternoon, the wind was lighter than ever, so we decided to go for a “Game O’ Style”.
Lennart won this game in front of Tvrtko and Val is complets the podium, congrats guy.

Tomorrow is an over day, and there will be some action again we will make sure of that 😉

Skippers meeting will be held at 12

wishing ya’ll a good night, Colin

photo courtesy of Boris Kačan Photography

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