2021 IFCA South American Slalom Windsurfing Championships
Portinho Lagoon Piauí Day -1

The Championships opens with a speed challenge in the Delta of the Parnaíba River. Its always a traditional vibe whenever the sailors get together here in Piauí.

The whole ritual of loading the catamaran, making the trip to the point, setting up the equipment on the sand and searching for the best gusts on the flat water to produce enough speed, for sure was on a lot of people’s minds.

Later returning to the boat in pitch black with the headset cracking in ears, the feeling is that the athletes were more alive than ever.
The guys exchanging ideas spread out on the boat and the usual expectation of whom went faster.

This time the wind didn’t help much. According to the organizers it blew with gusts up to 22 knots, but on the water what we saw was a medium wind and a well missed opportunity. It lacked those “nuclear” gusts like the ones that blew yesterday at Portinho’s lagoon. The RC did three 30-minute sessions with free passage between buoys that were 1000 meters apart.
But the best was at the start of the lane with gusts entering the sand tip and the mirror smooth before the catamaran.

In some moments athletes were possible to accelerate hard at the end of the lane if you caught a strong gust and were high enough to plow hard.
Unofficially, since the official results will only come out tomorrow, the GPS inspector said that Jamilson and Christian were the fastest, but from the report of the results of each athlete their watches, and coincidentally they all have a Suunto Ambit 3, Léo would have been the fastest followed by Jamilson, Christian. Ricardo and Celito were tied.

Most athlete went in with medium equipment and the wind dropped.
In the first run, Léo and Jamilson went beyond 60, but Léo lost the GPS, which may have cost him first place. In the last run the wind was already very weak. Léo and Ricardo put on the big equipment, but that was only to avoid getting stuck.

Tomorrow the Slalom racing will start.
Skippers Meeting is scheduled at 12 and the first start soon after.
The word on the beach is that the biggest competition will be among the Grand Masters, with the big guys having a full blast on the course.

There is a price purse of 15.000 BRL in prizes for the first ten of the overall rankings and a guarantee of lots of fun. Its game on tomorrow…



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