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Day 1 – 2015 PEPSI-IFCA Pro Kids

Day 1 – 2015 PEPSI-IFCA Pro Kids, Junior & Youth European Freestyle Championship

A slow start on the first competition day with the skippers meeting held at 10am. The forecast predicted thermal winds around noon time, but the wind slowly started to blow from the right direction late in the afternoon.
A tow in session took place by the EFPT pro competitors and the beach started to get very crowded while the wind was slowly building up.

The ProKids Under 13 age group category finally could start. In the first heat we had Jan Malej (SLO-12) who faced Lennart Neubauer (GRE-734) competing in his first international event. In the second heat we had Lara Cvijetko (CRO-4444)also a new comer into the freestyle windsurf scene versus the local freestyle hero Tvrtko Ljutic (CRO-0).
Advancing from the first Heat with impressive technical skills was Lennart who faced the local hero Tvrtko, who easily and with great satisfaction took the victory over Lara the only female competitor in the heat before.

The final heat:
Tvrtko VS Lennart; with days and hours of preparation finally two friends met at the end of the day. Both competitors performed well with a combination basic freestyle sail and board tricks and even air jibes and switch stance rotations. The overall impression and the variety of tricks performed where a priority for the judges. The Kids tried to be as active as possible and Lennart stood out with better technical skills pulling out one handed manoeuvres in front of the judges including a perfect air jibe while spectators cheered along the water front of Perna windsurf centre.

The Opening ceremony for Pro-Kids and Pro’s took place a few hours after the competition ended. Funny vibes and introduction speeches were done by the evening Hostess Lana Vukicevic, by Event Organizer Marko Mudrovcic, the IFCA Class Representative Ruben Petrisie, and the tour manager of the European Freestyle Pro Tour Tom Harftmann.

Finally the moment the kids and spectators had been waiting for….the Pro-Kids Under 13 age group category got introduced, including interviews with the Hostess followed by the announcement of the results of elimination 1.
Results Pro-Kids U 13 after 1 Elimination:
1. Neubauer Lennart GRE-734
2. Tvrtko Ljutic CRO-0
3. Malej Jan SLO-12
4. Lara Cvijetko CRO-4444
5. Abdrija Burcar CRO-X

The forecast for this particular location is un-describable and so, we decided to only rely on the local knowledge with high hopes for thermal winds after mid days.
Updates of the event may be found here:

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