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After the discussion made at the AGM this year there are some minor rule changes for 2017 and after.

Racing rules

Based on the Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020, input from competitors and officials there are some changes in the Experimental Slalom Competition Rules 2017. The new rules are more logic for slalom races and match more with the practice during racing.

They will be published on the website shortly with an explanation of the major differences.

For the expression events the Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020 with appendix B are still used. Our goal for this year is to publish also the Expression Competition Rules based on the Racing Rules of Sailing and appendix B. In these rules, all rules which are not needed for the expression competition will be deleted to make them better readable for the competitors and officials.

Class rules

During the AGM some changes in the class rules where approved. As the changes of the class rules need the approval of Worldsailing, these changes will be in effect in 2018. This means there are NO CHANGES in 2017.

FOR 2017:

Board width

The board width in 2017 stays 850 even for the boards on the approved slalom list of Worldsailing. This means that some boards, those that are on the World sailing list are Not Permitted in the events in 2017.

Sail numbers

In the last years in the NOR white sail numbers with a black background where allowed. This is now in the Experimental Slalom Competition Rules. This means that ONLY black number on a white background OR white numbers on a black background are allowed in 2017. The font of the numbers shall be Helvetica or a font with better legibility than Helvetica. This means NO artistic and colored fonts on colored backgrounds.


Although foiling is not an official division in 2017 yet there will be some IFCA foiling events in 2017 pending the approval of World sailing to make this an official division in 2018.

Championship rules

From 2017 there are separate Championship rules for Slalom and Expression. These changes were necessary in connection with the new Experimental Slalom Competition Rules. A couple of rules are deleted in the Championship rules which now are in the Experimental Slalom Competition Rules. Effectively there are no changes.

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