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Almanarre Restored Great Conditions on the Final competition day

A Magical day came to an end

A smooth start on the final competition day with a poor predicted forecast, creating another relaxing vibe on the beach. But… then it all changed as the wind shifted offshore and slowly started to increase as the day was heated up by the suburb clear sunny sky’s.

A new course area was laid out and Elimination 3 could finally continue with heat 6 of the youths, followed by the Girls and Masters. The conditions surprisingly remained steady with winds from 12 up to 16 knots until the late afternoon. Competitors were mostly on their biggest gear.
With 1 discard added to the overall rankings after 3 completed eliminations, made the 4th elimination  a very important race on the final competition day.

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Junior   Youths Girls Masters

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Junior Youths Girls Masters

Comments From some of the competitors:
Nathan Westera ARU-8 / This is my first international event, I did not really like the long flight from Aruba, but I learned a lot here especially about the heat procedures and all of that and I think I managed it well in the end. I also noticed that my level was better compared to the other juniors in my age group, it wasn’t really a competition but sailing together with the U17 Juniors made it more like a real competition for me. I am super happy because its my first event, I used my Starboard 107 and my 7.9 GA Vapor and I would definitely attend more IFCA events in the future.

Amaury Lasiman FRA-534 / I am happy the event has come to an end, I was a bit afraid, because  Francesco Scagliola  ITA-353 is a real strong sailor, but I had good starts and better jibes. I used my 8.6 Severne Reflex and my Starboard Isonic 117. I like the event and the conditions, I would definitely come back next time.

Damien Cervera FRA-2298 / This event made me see a lot, because I didn’t make it last year because of exam so I prepared myself for this years event, the level of the competitors is good especially the 6 top guys. Today was a good day and I feel really good, I started not too well but things worked out ok. I was on my favourite combination of equipment today, I used RRD 122 and a North sails Warp 9.0.

Jimmy Thieme FRA-888 / I had a little problem with my equipment and well I did not perform how I wanted, so it wasn’t such a good event for me. Yesterday I took the third place in the second elimination, I do have potential so I will train a lot and get my equipment organized. Today I was on my big board Fanatic 138 and my 9.0 North Sails. I will be back next year to once again give my best.

Basile Jacquin FRA-498 / I came all the way from New Caledonia and I arrived 10 days ago to take part in the AFF French Nationals and it was a good preparation for this IFCA event. We had slow start waiting for the winds but on day 3 it was nice winds and good racing, then yesterday I did pretty OK in the light winds and today I was on a 9.2 Point7 and I am happy that I got the title today. I hope I can make it to the IFCA Youth Slalom World Championships, but I will have to check with my school. It was a great even and I think I will come back next year to defend my title.

Jenna Gibson GBR-9997 / For me this was a great experience, I thought we would not have much wind and especially today but it was all good. The juniors were great sailors. I was on my 8.6 Neil Pryde Evo and my JP slalom. Its a great place and I will come back next year, actually it was my first time on a slalom competition, I used to do Race Board before, but I think I will stick to slalom now as it was a great event and I happy to have taken part in this championship.

Marine Marmey FRA-2391 / For me it was a great event, I had two third places and it felt good, today I was second and I was so happy. I used my biggest sail 8.0  on my Angulo 115. The level was good and my friend from New Caledonia and the girl Jenna Gibson GBR-9997 were really strong sailors. I am happy with my result and I will come back next year for another great experience.

Lilou Granier FRA-1208 / I am so happy to win this competition, the travel from New Caledonia was very long and its very cool to be part of this cool event and we from New Caledonia definitely did not come for nothing.

Marco Begalli ITA-415 / Today was fantastic day, the day started smooth but then I felt like today is my day as I was so happy with my speed and I was on fire with my 9.2 and it felt great. In the first final I was fighting with Andrea Rosati ITA-0 and he is a sneaky one but its OK, he is my friend. Eric Thieme FRA-808 seemed to be giving me a hard time too, but I managed to pass him on a reach and it was OK. I am very happy with this event because its a good concept especially for the young competitors. It was all super fantastic.

Andrea Rosati ITA-0 / I wasn’t sure of participating in this event as I was sick a few days before, in the end it turned out OK for me and I felt really good with my new gear. And I happy with another IFCA Slalom title in the pocket. Great event and great organization.

A Magical day came  to an end
The Hyeres Windsurfing Organization once again provided a great event set up and atmosphere at this years European Slalom Championships for Junior Youths Girls and Masters. 2 Days of great racing with 4 Eliminations completed, 122 competitors and all happy faces at the end of the event. A great thanks to the organization and congratulations to all competitors who took part in this European Championship event.

2016 European Champions


Day 5 IFCA JYM Europeans_Awards (8 of 9) Day 5 IFCA JYM Europeans_Awards (2 of 9) Day 5 IFCA JYM Europeans_Awards (3 of 9) Day 5 IFCA JYM Europeans_Awards (4 of 9) Day 5 IFCA JYM Europeans_Awards (5 of 9) Day 5 IFCA JYM Europeans_Awards (6 of 9) Day 5 IFCA JYM Europeans_Awards (7 of 9)

   Bastien-Groueix-FRA-684 Nathan-Westera-ARU-41 Jenna-Gibson-GBR-9997 Lilou-Granier-FRA-1208
Amaury-Lasiman-FRA-534 Basile-Jacquin-FRA-498 andrea-rosati-ita0 Marco-Begalli-ITA-415

Full Final results: Juniors Youths  Girls  Masters


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