The thought of combining a beautiful travel destination and a Windsurfing World Championship event, sounded like the perfect idea.


Kacper-web (3)Sail # GBR-284

Age: 19
Sponsors: Loftsails – Unifiber -Select fins

Best 3 Results from the past 3 years:

  • 4th overall in Amateur Fleet in the UK (2015)
  • 1st in Amateur fleet Weymouth 2016 (first event)
  • (I have only recently started competing, so don’t have that many results yet)

IFCA: What motivated you to join the IFCA Slalom World Championships in Bol, Croatia ?
Kacper Wozniak: I wanted to try and compete at a higher level and the thought of combining a beautiful travel destination such as Bol and a World Championship Windsurfing event sounded like a perfect idea.

IFCA: How do you prepare yourself for the upcoming event ?
Kacper Wozniak: I am currently in Tarifa, Spain training with the Loftsails team. I have been training a lot in the past months, including both on and off the water, especially preparing myself for light wind conditions.

IFCA: What are your favourite combination of conditions and equipment?
Kacper Wozniak: My favourite combo is the 8.6m Racing blade on my 117L Isonic, or the 7.8m on the Isonic 97. I have spent most of my time windsurfing on big kit, which makes me feel most comfortable in light winds.

IFCA: Croatia is known as a nice place, have you been there before?
Kacper Wozniak: Yes, I have been sailing around Croatia a few times and absolutely loved it. It is one of my favourite travel destinations, with the wonderful climate, landscapes and friendly people.



IFCA: The Goal is ………. I am hoping to learn a lot, compete to the best of my ability and meet a lot of people. Having worked hard I am ready to really push myself in the competition and see how far I can get.

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