The 2016 IFCA Aruba Hi-Winds | Pan American Slalom Championships Kicks off with racing action on the first day.

The skippers meeting was held at 10:00 and the first races started somewhat after 11:00.
The Seniors the highest level of entrees was scheduled first followed by the up and coming Youth talents. The Juniors and Masters sailed in a full fleet heat format.


The conditions were flat to choppy on the outside marks with gusty winds from 18 up to 25 knots on the outside. Partly cloudy skies and hot tropical temperatures measured at 31 Degrees.
A total of 3 eliminations have been completed for the Seniors, 6 for the Juniors and 5 for the Grand Masters on the first competition day.

Some of the highlights of day1
Juniors Division with Nathan Westera ARU:
My first day went good, the wind was great compared to my last IFCA event in Almanarre, France.
I managed to get a few first places a third and a second which is great and I feel confident. The level of the competitors isn’t too challenging for me, if I would have to rate it, it probably be like medium. I do prefer more wind so I can go even faster.

Youths Division with Alessio Botteri PER:
My first day was a bit snobby I did a few mistakes, I had a nose dive and crashed at the last jibe I then managed to get fourth, but my speed was pretty ok in the next races I got a first and a second so at the end I am happy. The level of the guys is pretty though. In the Finals we have four or 5 guys that are really good its like everybody can win and it makes things though. There is a tie between some of us and it will be getting interesting. I would like to use my 7.8 but I think stronger winds would make things even more fun compared to other IFCA events where I usually sail on 8.6 everyday so I wish for the strong winds to show up so we can really see who will continue with performing on a top level in strong winds.

Seniors Division with Taty Frans NED:
The conditions were pretty gusty, kind of difficult and some of the guys are really pushing it, such as Local boy Ethan Westera and Gollito Estredo the Multiple World tour Freestyle Champion. I think um its not what I expected but hey its OK.. I can go faster but I am having some problems. “ Says the Guy who has been flying on the course area” I am fast but everybody is fast and the level is good. I think things probably would get easier f it becomes a bit more windy in the next days, but here in Aruba anything can happen as it is so gusty and with this level of competitors you could be having a hard time, example during the last race there was this battle between Gollito Estredo and Ethan Westera for first position and then all of a sudden Ethan Crashed and went all the way to the last position so anything can still happen and I am hoping to stay in the top 3 positions.

Competitors to look out for in the next coming days:
In the Juniors there is Simon Sousa from Peru who will likely step his game up in the next coming days and is currently on a solid second position.
In the Youths there is Mack Van den Erenbeemt from Aruba who won the opening elimination and Jurgen Saragoza from Bonaire who has never been to far from the pack.
In the Seniors Mateus Isaac from Brazil who got a few second places in his pocket and Gollito Estredo from Venezuela showing off great slalom racing skills.
In the Grand Masters there is a continues battle between Sergio Mehl from Argentina and Constantino Saragoza one of Bonaire Windsurfing Pioneers including Uwe Dreijer from Colombia.

Seniors top 5 Results

1 NB 9 Taty Frans
2 ARU 4 Ethan Westera
3 BRA 767 Mateus Isaac
4 VEN 10 Gollito Estredo
5 NB 35 Juvannie Augustien


Youths top 5 Results

1 NOR 41 Martin Moller Hovda
2 PER 20 Alessio Botteri
3 ARU 11 Mack Van Den Eerenbeemt
4 NB 117 Jurgen Saragoza
5 ARU 103 Tom Croes


Juniors top 5 Results

1 ARU 8 Nathan Westera
2 PER 8 Simon Sousa
3 ARU 60 Melvin Van Der Linde
4 ARU 71 Nicolas Verploeg
5 NB 66 Raynold Wilsoe


Grand Masters top 5 Results

1 ARG 21 Sergio Mehl
2 NB 8 Constantino Saragoza
3 COL 61 Uwe Dreijer
4 VEN 17 Juan Fernandes
5 PER 11 Guillermo Ruiz Vier


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Skippers meeting for the next racing day is set at 10:00

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