Contest promises to be electrifying at 2019 ISSO IFCA South American Slalom Championship in Palhoça Santa Catarina.

With gusts of more than 20 knots, the south wind blew hard on Thursday (31) at Ponta do Papagaio Beach, Palhoça and the best windsurfers in South America felt the difficulties imposed by the stirred streak in their skin. of the 2019 IFCA South American Slalom Championship. From Friday (1st), more than 30 sailors from four countries will fight for the 2019 IFCA South American titles in the Open (male and female), Youth, Master and Grand Master Slalom, the fastest windsurfing division.

The Forecasts indicate light winds from the north towards the opening, but to be expected to intensify during Saturday and shift south again on Sunday. Main favorite to the title, the Paulista Mateus Isaac took the opportunity to test the equipment and was positively surprised by the conditions of the streak, although stirred. “It’s amazing. The championship has to have wind and this will have, ”said Mateus, who is currently the ninth place in the world ranking, a made for Brazilian windsurfing.

Defender of the South American title won last year, Peruvian Alessio Botteri also took the opportunity to train in Ponta do Papagaio. “It’s very complicated, but for a championship the conditions are good. I want to have a lot of fun first and then have good results, ”he said, during a break from training.

Another sailor who has confirmed presence is the multi-champion Wilhelm Schurmann. Santa Catarina has led the ranking of Formula Windsurfing five times and has great experience in Slalom. Among women, the highlight is the Peruvian Maria Belen Bazo, already qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in the RS: X Olympic class. Pernambuco Bruna Martinelli packed with the title of the Brazil Sailing Cup, also in the Olympic class, played in Brasilia.

The 2019 ISSO IFCA South American Slalom Championship is sponsored by the IWA (International Windsurf Association) and can be accompanied at the ISSO Arena, set up in front of 800 Street to serve the public and athlete.



Out of the water, Englishman Ben Profitt is one of the attractions of the 2019 ISSO IFCA South American Slalom Championship. The British Wave champion came to support the competition with his role as a commentator for windsurfing events since 2011 and five years later launched the channel Windsurfing.tv, to promote the sport and with a particular way of narrating the events became known worldwide between professional and amateur windsurfers.

The IFCA South American Slalom Championship will also be broadcast live on Portuguese by Rafael Cunha, former Brazilian windsurfing champion and project manager for ISSO Wind Xtreme. The public will be able to watch the championship at the ISSO Arena, a beach-side structure that will be attended by partners such as the Least Trash Project and Adopt a Patudo. The ISSO Wind Xtreme stand will present the equipment and news manufactured by the brand.

The program also foresees on Saturday at 18h30min the show of musician Nathan Malagoli, and on Sunday, before the finals, Palhoça Less Garbage promotes a cleaning effort on the beach of Ponta do Papagaio, from 09:30, and invites all to participate to join in on the activity.

About ISSO Wind Xtreme

ISSO Wind Xtreme is a Brazilian company born in Santa Catarina that manufactures quality nautical products, especially canopies for all types of sailboats (monohull, catamarans, cruising), as well as sails, boards and accessories for windsurfing.

Learn more at www.issobra.com.br.

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2019 ISSO IFCA South American Slalom Championship

10/31 – Thursday (unofficial day)

14h – Training and registration (registrations)

1/11 – Friday

9am – Opening Ceremony

10:00 am – Sailors’ meeting

11 am – Possible start of races

* After the end of the last race of the day there will be a meeting of the sailors.

20h – Special dinner for sailors at Pousada do Ilha do Papagaio.

11/02 – Saturday

9am – Sailors’ Meeting

10:30 am – Possible start of races

* after the last race of the day there will be a sailors meeting

18h30min – Show with musician Nathan Malagoli.

11/03 – Sunday

9am – Sailors Meeting

10:30 am – Possible start of races

** The last race shall start no later than 3 pm.

Awards ceremony will be held after the end of the last race on the beach stage of the event area.

BY Cristiano Rigo Dalcin

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