The Cercle Nautique Tranchaise greeted 143 competitors during the 2019 Slalom World Championships for Youth & Women including the Junior Slalom Championships.

With only 1 heat sailed, several others canceled due to the lag of suitable wind, this Championship event came to an end after 5 wonderful days and yet sadly receives the non-valid championship status. No Slalom Youth nor Women World Champion has been crowned.

Principal Race Officer Anthony Rigaut:

On behalf of Cercle Nautique Tranchais, we were very happy with the great number of participants that showed up for this event. On top of that, it was very exhausting with continuous waiting periods because of unsuitable conditions which made it quite a hazel for our team and volunteers. In the end, we are all happy, after spending time on the beach – trying, frequently checking for wind, struggling here and there – and that is from 08:00 to 20:00 all day every day in such hot weathers which was very very extraordinary for this part of France.

Class President Ruben Petrisie:

Even with a little bit of action on the water, we had a great time and it was all good vibes here on the beach in La Tranche sur Mer, despite the unfortunate weather forecasts all the competitors kept a positive attitude and made the best out of their day to day activities. I was pleased to have experience how calm in fellowship and positive they all stood by during the intense hot week here in France.
This championship also produced a new record for female participation numbers in the slalom windsurfing discipline, we had a total of 143 competitors of which 45 Females and that is a number the Class can be proud of.

Next on the event Calendar are The Slalom Men & Women European Championships in Paros, Greece from 8 to 13 July. Something new in August, the Premiere of the first Class Foiling World Championship will take place in Lake Silvaplana, Switzerland. For the late summer from 1 to 6 September at the Çağla Kubat Windsurf Academy in Alacati as Turkey will be hosting the Junior, Youth and Masters European Championships. Additionally, another great event has recently popped up and with the Class developments and plans of establishing a new Expression class, we are happy to announce the 2019 Wave European Championship which will be held later in September in Klitmoller, Denmark. More details will be available during the next coming weeks. The final Class Championship event of the season will be the South American Slalom Championships in Palhoca, Santa Catarina, Brasil.

The Class would like to thank:
Jean Pierre Guitton and his team, the 2 Race officers Anthony Rigaut, Jean Claude Lenoir and their crew, Capucine Cesbron for all the management and communications. The parents, coaches and all competitors.

Keeping the fun in funboard was definitely the motto of this non-valid championship.




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