2019 IFCA ABC TOUR at the Curacao Challenge | 10 -12 May

The opening event of the 2019 IFCA ABC TOUR – Dutch Caribbean Championships took place in Caracasbaai at the Windsurfing Curacao station. A total of 40 competitors in a variety of age categories registered and were ready to start with the first stop of the IFCA ABC Tour in Curacao.

The First IFCA ABC Tour Stop saw 2 days of action and 9 accomplished rounds of slalom racing in Caracasbaai at Windsurfing Curacao. Team Aruba dominated the races in the Youth, Juniors U15 and Women divisions.

In the Juniors U17 it was Bonaire’s Terence Clappers with 8 first places out of 9 races, an outstanding competitor with perfect timed starts and warp speeds. Gilber Clappers the most relaxed dude on the beach did actually won the first race of the U17, but he failed to cross the finish line. Gilbert quickly learned from his mistake and focused on some serious racing throughout the event. Curacao’s Boris van Noort earned himself a well deserved 3rd position and will definitely give his opponents a hard time in stronger wind conditions.

U17 Winner Terence Clappers is happy and has 1 goal:

The first event was a nice experience for me and a fair race and the first time racing in Curacao. I’m Very happy to have been able to join the IFCA ABC TOUR it’s fun seeing how fast everyone can go when they are on their own island and for others to have experience in our island’s. The best moment last weekend was when I beat everyone in the U17 “like 3 buoys away” something I never expected and it was a great feeling.

I would recommend others to join the IFCA TOUR, it’s a fair race and you can push yourself more to reach your goal, also you can learn something new. My expectations for the next stop is that it will be windy in Aruba with more competitors and to reach the number 1 goal.
I would like to thanks Aquaspeed for making this possible and thanks to the Curacao windsurfers for treating me and my friends so well. Also thanks to IFCA team for making this happen.

U15 Winner is Jaydan Saladin from Aruba.

I, Jaydan Saladin, found the first event a great experience and I have learned a lot these past couples of days. The first day we didn’t have a lot of wind but the next day it picked up and delivered some good competitions. The best moment of the weekend for me was being able to surf together not only with Aruban surfers but also with surfers from Curacao, Bonaire and also Holland. I guess other people should join this event because it’s a great opportunity to find out where you are with your windsurfing level by competing with people from abroad. I hope Aruba brings us some good wind, great races plus good vibes. I think the event in Aruba is ready, because they started organizing it a long time ago.

Hereby I wanna thank my sponsor Point-7, my parents, the organization of Windsurfing Curacao for the great event, and lastly the race directors Ruben, Bjorn and Wouter for flying out from abroad and directing our races really well.

In the Youth U21 the local favorite, Stefan de Bell won the event opening race with great excitement.

Stefan is known as a skilled freestyle windsurfer and yet managed to race well against the experienced slalom racers. Nigel Hart from Bonaire on 3rd position, also a name you may hear a lot and we are sure that he has more to show in the next coming races. Aruba’s Nathan Westera already a multiple windsurf Champion owned the races and barely gave others a chance to slip in front of him.

The Nathan Westera experience at the first stop of the ABC Tour:

The first ABC IFCA in Curacao was an amazing start to the season for me! I’ve already sailed in Curacao a few times before, which I don’t have many good memories from but I was hoping to end this event on a good note, and luckily succeeded in that this time! There were many good competitors present at Curacao which made battles on the race course challenging. Really happy I took the win in Curacao and hope I can keep it up to the following events! There were many good moments during the competition on and off the water, but for me, the best moment was in the heat when I came in second at the first mark but made a mistake which caused me to fall. I remember getting back on my board and looking at all the sailors that passed me which meant I had a lot of work to do. But I kept going and was making up ground heading towards the third mark and saw that the leading competitors didn’t have a good rounding which meant I had a chance! So I took the best line possible and started pumping my a** off which brought me back into the lead and ended up winning that heat. These events are really nice to join because the overall Caribbean vibe is very welcoming and fun to be around. And in these events, you are guaranteed to have action on the water with winds of up to 28 knots almost every day. Which make these events really worth it. If you have the opportunity I would highly recommend you to join any of these if the opportunity arises. And since Aruba‘s my home spot I hope I can show my potential on the race course and have good times with the competitors coming from abroad. I know Aruba usually delivers challenging conditions so I am ready to fight!

I would like to say thank you to all the people that spent all there time and effort for making ABC Curacao possible and hope more events like these will take place in the future! A huge thanks to Gaastra and Tabou, the gear was working amazingly! And of course a massive thank you to my sponsors from the very beginning. Club di Movimiento and Aruba Watersports Center that make it possible for me to travel to international events. See you at Aruba!

The Women division was dominated by Aruba’s Carmen Geelkens, but Zara Rozeboom from Curacao gave her a few challenging moments and things will definitely get serious at the next stop of the IFCA ABC Tour.

Carmen Geelkens challenge accepted:

The IFCA ABC was the perfect event to start my season with. I was excited for the first event to take place in Curacao as I had sailed there once before and enjoyed it back then. And as expected enjoyed it this time as well. The competitions were with light and strong winds, which made it challenging and fun at the same time! It was nice to have a women’s category so we could learn from each other. After all the competitions and learning something every race, I realized that I grew over the years, getting that mindset of competitions and going for it. Everyone grows and keeps getting more dedicated! And so I realized that. When joining in the IFCA events you learn a lot, you get to see where you stand and because of that, you improve. You get motivated and just want to go surf more and more! 

Aruba is being expected to have some good wind! I am excited to have more competitions. Such as in Curacao We will have a big group competing on Aruba, having the teams from Bonaire and Curacao even a few people from Holland. Our blue highway at Fishermans Huts is a great place for competitions and most of the time challenging! Can’t wait for everyone to come and compete! To everyone who is in the organization, thank you for making this possible! I really enjoyed Curacao and can’t wait for Aruba and Bonaire’s competitions. Thank you IFCA for coming and leading our races! I also want to thank my sponsors Gr8 Hotels, Gunsails, Medwork!! Happy with my performance on the 2019 Gunsails GS-R’s. And Gr8 Hotels and Medwork for supporting me. See everyone on Aruba! 

The first Tour results are in Juniors u15 & u17Women Youth

After a short break we will all meet again in Aruba for the second stop of the new 2019 IFCA ABC TOUR. All equipment been loaded on a boat towards the second stop of the tour at the Fishermen’s Hut in Aruba.

Congratulations to all the awesome competitors, the organizers, the active volunteers and of course, the coolest race director Bjorn Saragoza – ARUBA is NEXT –

The IFCA ABC TOUR: A series of windsurfing events taking place on the Dutch Caribbean islands of Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao. The tour is sanctioned by the International Funboard Class Association IFCA who officially supports and grant the IFCA Dutch Caribbean Titles to the winners of the series at the awards ceremony at the Final tour stop.  


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