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2017 Slalom Worlds Notice of Race

The Notice of Race for the 2017 IFCA Slalom World Championships for Men is published

The Round Texel has grown in the last 40 years time into the world’s largest catamaran sailing race. This year windsurfers will battle in the waters around Texel for the IFCA World Champion title in Slalom Windsurfing.

Recent years, the Round Texel Race has become a major public event with about 10,000 people on the beach and thousands more at the Lighthouse and Oudeschild. For the public it is wonderful to see how the sailors are getting ready to hit the water going through the often violent surf. And then the mass start, especially with the catamarans who leave at once. The starting line is located just off the coast and is marked by two major launch vessels and a helicopter with smoke signals in the air. Just before the start of the tension on the beach is detectable.

Visit their website for more info on the history of this huge event. ROUNDTEXEL


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