Finally wind on day 3

After an early morning schedule on the third day, it didn’t take long to finally start with the races of the 2016 European championships for Junior, Youths and Masters.
The conditions started of smooth with increasing winds from 13 to 16 knots in the morning up to 20 knots by mid day. The Juniors were first followed by the Youths, Girls and Masters.

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Junior   Youths Girls Masters

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Junior Youths Girls Masters

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Junior  Girls

Comments from the top Juniors:
FRA-534 Amaury Lasiman /  I had a good day and I am happy with my results, my sail was maybe too small during the last race but when I was on my 7.8 Severne I felt better. The Italian ITA-353 Francesco Scagliola showed great skills during the races and I will have to see what will happen in the next coming days.

ITA-353 Francesco Scagliola / This year started very good for me, I went to Tenerife this winter for two weeks to train with the guys from TWS. I also have new gear this season and I am very happy with the new Starboards and my Point7 Sails with thanks to ITA-1 Andrea Cucchi for the help.
I am also using new Masts from MaverX. The organization here in Hyeres is really good and they are fast with running the races, the place is fantastic and there is a lot of space for all the gear.
In my races the guys are really good such as FRA-673 Yann Brancato who seemed to have improved a lot compared to last years event and also FRA-534 Amaury Lasiman, who has really good jibes and perhaps not too fast but he is a fantastic rider and I hope there will be more races in the next days.

FRA-673 Yann Brancato / It was a very good day for me, in the first elimination, I advanced to heat number 5 and won that heat. In the finals I got a 3rd place and I feel good about it.
The level is so much higher compared to last year so I am very happy to have this podium position.
In the second elimination I also took 3rd place. In the third elimination my fin got stucked on a plasti bag and I had a bad heat but it was cancelled afterwards but in the end I am very happy.

Comments from the top Girls:
FRA-1208 Lilou Granier (U17) / Today was a bit complicated for me because I change my sails two times but I am very happy to have won both of the eliminations and I hope there will be a third race because I want to win some more. My friend from new Caledonia FRA-985 Tuesday-Lou Judd is one of the good ones too and I am happy for my fellow country men who did great today as we are strong competitors.

FRA-582 Lisa Godon / The conditions were good today but the wind went down in the afternoon.
I am happy with my results in the first elimination and the level of the girls is very high this year.

Comments from the top Youths:
FRA-498 Basile Jacquin / I took a good start on the two finals, 8.6 Point7 on a 107 Starboard and in the second elimination I was on the same gear and I just wanted to focus and avoid mistakes so I finished second in the second elimination but its ok. FRA-848 Damien Arnoux and FRA-2298 Damien Cervera my friend from New Caledonia are both great sailors especially in the light winds and there is also NED-262 Coen Swijnenburg from the Netherlands and FRA-888 Jimmy Thieme (2015 European champion Juniors). There seems to be this group of 5 to 6 guys that are always on top. Last year this was my first international event and I came alone with my dad all the way from New Caledonia, but this year  we are a team of about 6 competitors from New Caledonia so the vibes are better.

FRA-848 Damien Arnoux / Well the forecast didn’t look so good at the beginning of the event but today we had a chance to race, we managed to do 2 good eliminations and on the first race I was out on my 8.6 Neil Pryde but I could have easily used my 9.0 too. I took a third place in the first elimination and in the second elimination I switched to my 7.8 and it is my favourite size so I took first and I am happy. I hope there will be more wind maybe on Saturday some south wind and it will be nice to see some different conditions. At the moment we are about 3 guys battling it out for a podium position FRA-498 Basile Jacquin,  NED-262 Coen Swijnenburg and I managed to be in front of them and they in front of me, so its a good battle and the event is not finished yet so…

NED-262 Coen Swijnenburg / My day started pretty good, I managed to advance to all the finals. In one of the finals I got a second place after a battle with FRA-848 Damien Arnoux and FRA-498 Basile Jacquin, in the second elimination again a nice battle and I took third place and in the last elimination I hit something in the water and I could not plain anymore so went from second to last.
The races are good organized and it all went pretty fast with a nice structure.  FRA-888 Jimmy Thieme is doing pretty good for his age and is pretty fast too and all the other guys as the level is really high in the Youths but I am happy even with a third place after the strong battles.

Comments from the top Master:
ITA-0 Andrea Rosati Master/ The conditions here are quite interesting from the beach it looks flat and light but while racing its pretty wind and choppy. I am happy with my new gear but had to change sails during mid day but did not manage to change my fin so it was a bit uncomfortable and ITA-1 Andrea Cucchi passed me on the first reach. I gave my best and could win the second elimination so I am stoked.

Day 3 at the 2016 Junior Youth and Masters European Championship was a long and a good day, the competitors finally switched their game face on and were all excited for some action after 2 days of waiting for the wind. unfortunately the winds dropped in the late afternoon causing the elimination # 3 to stop at Heat 5 and 6 of the Youths and Masters.

Tomorrows skippers meeting is scheduled for 10am and hopefully the racing can continue on the 4th competition day. Follow updates HERE

Updated Equipment List

Hearings and Decisions

Top 5 JUNIORS after 2 Eliminations


1 FRA-534 Amaury Lasiman
2 ITA-353 Francesco Scagliola
3 FRA-673 Yann Brancato
4 FRA-943 Erwan Priol
5 ITA-413 Davide Meloni


Top 5 YOUTHS after 2 Eliminations


1 FRA-498 Basile Jacquin
2 FRA-848 Damien Arnoux
3 NED-262 Coen Swijnenburg
4 FRA-945 Pierre Macquaert
5 FRA-2298 Damien Cervera


Top 5 GIRLS after 2 Eliminations


1 FRA-1208 Lilou Granier (U17)
2 FRA-2391 Marine Marmey (U17)
2 FRA-582 Lisa Godon
4 GBR-9997 Jenna Gibson
5 FRA-985 Tuesday-Lou Judd


Top 5 MASTERS after 2 Eliminations


1 ITA-0 Andrea Rosati Master
2 ITA-1 Andrea Cucchi Master
3 GRE-1 Philip Adamidis (GM) Grandmaster
4 FRA-808 Eric Thieme (GM) Grandmaster
5 FRA-316 Gilles Rabetaud (GM) Grandmaster



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