While this season has been an unexpected one for all of us, filled with difficulties, event cancellations, and postponements to name a few. Yet the Class sets its focus with hopes of a better and different 2021 season.

Last November an internal IFCA Executive meeting took place and was joined by 2 new members: Wouter Wessels (NED) and Malik Hoeveling (ARU) “Tine Slabe apologies for being absent”.


Committees Notes:

As the international Funboard Class Association representing funboard windsurfing which includes slalom, freestyle, and wave.
We would like to re-state that the Class previously agreed to abstain from all Foil Course Racing activities however, the committee has agreed and is looking into the introduction of implementing the option for the use of Foils for all our representing disciplines…

Upcoming Class Activities:
A survey will be sent out to receive athletes’ feedback on the idea of foil-slalom during future class events. We will use the outcome of this survey in our plans for 2022.

How about 2021 Events:
The rescheduling of the Slalom Championships in Aruba is still in review whether it be the opening event of the season in the Caribbean waters of Aruba.  The Junior, Youth, and Masters Europeans to be held on one of the famous windsurfing lakes in Austria, late spring / early summer.
This Coming Summer, “the Europeans Men & Women Slalom Championships and the Junior & Youth Slalom Worlds ” take place in Sardinia and Torbole Lake Garda.

Circolo Surf Torbole to host the premiere of the new Funboard Youth Class and includes 4 approved Slalom World Titles that are now available for Junior and Youth divisions.

While July and Aug remain quiet, negotiations are still in motion with a new venue location. The format and event type is still in discussion but, further details will follow.

For the late summer activities, the Greek Slalom Paradise in windy Paros will host the Slalom Worlds to crown the 2021 Slalom Windsurfing World Champions.

please keep an eye on our 2021 events calendar, Some dates and locations are still to be confirmed and changes may still occur.


Despite the difficult 2020 season, IFCA looks forward to the forthcoming season with hopes of seeing the return of international and national windsurfing competitions around the world.


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