Inauguration of the New President of the International Funboard Class Association


Former President: Mr. de Wannemaeker

31 years as Executive Member of – and 17 years as the IFCA Class President

Olympic Events involvement :
★ 2008, Beijing,
★ 2012 London
★ 2016 Rio

Youth Olympic Events involvement :
★ 2010 Singapore
★ 2014 Nanjing
★ 2018 Buenos Aires

Major Achievements:
★ Standardization of sail numbers
★ Participation of Youth

IFCA: What inspired your dedication to the windsurf sport for all those years?
Bruno dW: I am a very active windsurfer myself and so is my son Nick, who also did some International events.

IFCA: Best memories as Class President?
Bruno dW: Seeing and experiencing the growth of Youth and Girls participation in our sport.

IFCA: Goals that have been met as Class President?
Bruno dW: Splitting up from one Worlds / year to 2 Worlds: Men&Women and separated the Junior Youth and Masters divisions. The Sail numbers standardization has always been a priority.

IFCA: Your story about seeing the class develop into where it is today ?
Bruno dW: The Boom in windsurfing in the 80’s, the decline in slalom in 2000 and the revival of slalom since 2010.

IFCA: About the nomination and 2018 election of a New president after all those years ?
Bruno dW: We found a young, active, smart Men to bring the sport a step further with challenges such as the new expression, youth an foil sub-classes.

Ruben Petrisie:

(Intro into windsurfing in the summer of 1995 by Tonky Frans, first competition in 1996 and continued to challenge numerous disciplines in the Caribbean and later on international tour-events; Course racing, Slalom, Formula, Freestyle, Speed and Wave – last competition in 2012)

On 14th September I was sworn in as the New IFCA Class President.
I am Truly Honoured and accept with great dignity my new position as the fifth Class President. Growing up on the island of Bonaire ” a true windsurfing paradise”, the idea of becoming so involved in helping our sport flow in the direction of its future never came to mind. It all started at the end of my wonderful Career as a Professional Athlete. Bruno de Wannemaeker – with his great skills as a Race Officer and his positive reputation within our sport , was the one who inspired me to get on board at the International Funboard Class Association, (started out with youth events, towards the main slalom championships and the general digital media improvements )

My Ambitions are:
To continue to develop the Class, not only slalom but also the soon to be formed Classes i.e. multiple disciplines. Establish a stronger and closer relationship with the fantastic community of competitors, including our connections with the Class its National Class Associations around the World.

We are and will continue to be a Class for all levels of windsurfers Pro or Amateur, everyone is welcome to compete. After all we are a World Sailing Class Association.

I look forward to the upcoming years with passion and more motivation.

On Behalf of the Class and its executive, we are all extremely thankful with Bruno de Wannemaeker his input and his long term service as the President of the International Funboard Class Association. He continues to represent IFCA on the IWA Executive as IFCA nominated representative.

Ruben Petrisie.
The New President of the IFCA Class

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