Opening Day and Registration

It was really a busy day for Peter Mueller, that German guy who invited the world to celebrate the IFCA Slalom JYM World Championships 2016 at his windsurf school “SurfMotion”, in Soma Bay, Egypt, in the upcoming days. And for sure it was a hard day for his whole team as well, because today it was training day, registration day, opening day (opening ceremony), party day (in the evening) and not forget the last day before competitions start, so everything has to be prepared.

The officials, the crew on the water and the competitors got their first impressions on the perfect blue water of the Soma Bay with a stable wind around 25 knots. A few starts took place for training the crew and to get into the competition mood.

After a few hours of sailing, everyone registered at the race office directly in front of the beach. All participants got their event-jerseys, the sail stickers and all details they need to be well informed about the upcoming event. Registered are 18 participants from 11 countries and 2 continents.

At 7pm, the moderator gave a big welcome to everyone especially to the officials from the IFCA and the competitors on the language of every participating country and opened the event with a nice motivational speech. Afterwards he led over to Bruno De Wannemaeker, president of the IFCA, who told a short funny story of the last World Championships in Egypt 23 years ago in Safaga. That was the time when a private security company were riding on camels to protect the event are, he remembered us. Last but not least, Peter Müller welcomes the audience as well and opened the dance floor and let over to the big opening party. With heavy beats, a sky full of stars, good drinks and an even better company the guests were celebrating until the early morning.

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