Gabor Varga: All in  for the Fun


Sail # HUN-99

Age: 32
Sponsors: Loftsails – Patrik boards – Reptile mast – Surf Core

Best 3 Results from the past 3 years:

  • Multiple Hungarian Overall Slalom Champion
  • 3x Hungarian Formula Champion

IFCA: How did you find out about the IFCA Slalom World Championships in Bol, Croatia ?
Gabor Varga: Last year at the Euro-Cup event in Bol, and also while checking the IFCA website.

IFCA: How and where do you train for this upcoming event ?
Gabor Varga: Unfortunately due to an illness I couldn’t attend the Gym training as I planned but, I went to Tarifa training with the world tour guys and also attend competitions near to Hungary

IFCA: Tell us a bit about windsurfing in Hungary ?
Gabor Varga: Windsurfing is small in Hungary, however we can qualify a Man and a Woman windsurfer for the Olympics since the beginning. There are about 70-100 competitors and luckily its increasing. We have the most dangerous and one of the biggest inland water, Lake Balaton, but other several smaller lakes as well. Fortunately climate changing makes our country windier every year and gives us better conditions, suitable to practice some racing.

IFCA: Have you ever been to Croatia before?
Gabor Varga: Many times. Hungarians like Croatia very much for their holidays and windsurfing.  My favourite spots are Viganj, Bol and Premantura.


IFCA: Your event expectations are ?
Gabor Varga: I’ll do my best to get a good result. It will depend on the last month of my preparation. Better result could be achieved because not many world tour guys will be there. On one hand it is good, but the value of the competition would grow if the top compete with us.
But the most important thing I follow that Kodaline song: “Never let the pressure overpower the fun!” That’s my expectation.

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