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Organisation Asociacion Argentina de Windsurf (AAW)
Contact Name Gustavo Almenara
Email gustavoalmenara@hotmail.com
64-facbk - Copy Asociacion Argentina de Windsurf (AAW)
Organisation Windracers Club Aruba
Contact Name Aldert Westera
Email windracersclubaruba@gmail.com
  Windracers Club Aruba
Organisation  Australian Windsurfing
Contact Name John Rohde
Email aw.info@windsurfing.org
Website http://www.windsurfing.org/
 64-facbk - Copy  Australian Windsurfing
Organisation Windsurfing Austria
Contact Name Peter Wimmer
Email info@windsurfingaustria.at
Website http://www.windsurfingaustria.at/
 64-facbk - Copy  Windsurfing Austria
Organisation Belgian Association for Boardriding Competitors
Contact Name Bruno De Wannemaeker
Email bruno.ifca@pandora.be
Website http://www.babc.be/
 64-facbk - Copy  Belgian Association for Boardriding Competitors
Organisation Associação Brasileira de Windsurf
Contact Name  
Email abws@abws.org.br
Website http://www.abws.org.br/
 64-facbk - Copy  Associação Brasileira de Windsurf
Organisation FE Class Chile
Contact Name Eduardo Herman Kretschmer
Email contacto@eduardoherman.com
Organisation Croatian Windsurfing Association
Contact Name  
Email hukjd@hukjd.hr
Website http://hukjd.hr/
 64-facbk - Copy  Croatian Windsurfing Association
Organisation Cyprus Sailing Federation
Contact Name Elena Papazoglou
Email cyacyp@cytanet.com.cy
Website http://cysaf.org.cy/
 64-facbk - Copy  Cyprus Sailing Federation
Organisation Czech Windsurfing Association
Contact Name Marek Raška
Email marek.raska@volny.cz
Website http://www.cwa.cz/
 64-facbk - Copy  Czech Windsurfing Association
Organisation Danish Boardsailing Organization
Contact Name  
Email info@dbo.dk
Website http://www.dbo.dk/
64-facbk - Copy Danish Boardsailing Organisation
Organisation Funboard Spain
Contact Name Xavier Torres Isach
Email xtorres@windsurfesp.es
  Funboard Spain
Organisation Estonian Windsurfing Union
Contact Name Erno Kaasik
Email info@purjelaualiit.ee
Website http://purjelaualiit.ee/
  Estonian Windsurfing Union
Organisation Finnish Boardsailing Association
Contact Name Ms Sanna Päivärinta
Email sanna.paivarinta@gmail.com
Website http://www.purjelautaliitto.fi//
  Finnish Boardsailing Association Logo
Organisation Formula Experience France
Contact Name Marc Cardon
Email marc.cardon@orange.f
Organisation Fédération Française de Voile
Contact Name Didier Flamme
Email international@ffv.fr
Website http://www.ffvoile.org/
64-facbk - Copy Fédération Française de Voile
Organisation France Windsurfing One Design Classes (FWODC)
Contact Name Jean-Francois Reggio
Email imcofrance@windsurfsailingfrance.fr
Organisation UK Windsurfing Association
Contact Name Arabella Andrup
Email admin@ukwindsurfing.com
Website http://ukwindsurfing.com/
  UK Windsurfing Association
Organisation German Windsurfing Association
Contact Name Matthias Regber
Email info@germanwindsurfing.de
Website www.germanwindsurfing.de
  German Windsurfing Association
Organisation Hellenic Speed Slalom Windsurfing Association
Contact Name Nick Vardalachos
Email info@speedslalom.gr
Website www.speedslalom.gr
64-facbk - Copy Hellenic Speed Slalom Windsurfing Association
Organisation Associazione Italiana Classi Windsurf
Contact Name Carlo Cottafavi
Email segreteria@aicw.it
Website http://www.aicw.it/
64-facbk - Copy Associazione Italiana Classi Windsurf
Organisation Japan Windsurfing Association
Contact Name Mr. Hidekazu Mori
Email wind@jw-a.org
Website http://www.jw-a.org/
64-facbk - Copy Japan Windsurfing Association
Organisation Korea Windsurfing Kiteboarding Association
Contact Name Junho Cho
Email touchmancho@naver.com
Website http://www.kwka.or.kr/english.html
  Korea Windsurfing Kiteboarding Association
Organisation Latvijas Vindsçrfinga Asociâcija
Contact Name Janis Jekabsons
Email lva@vindserfings.lv
Website http://www.vindserfings.lv
64-facbk - Copy Latvijas Vindsçrfinga Asociâcija
Organisation Macau Sailing Association
Contact Name Mr. Sou Kuong Fai, Brian
Email macausailing@gmail.com
  Macau Sailing Association
Organisation Nederlandse Vereniging van Wedstrijdsurfers (NVW)
Contact Name Eric Kling
Email info@wedstrijdsurfen.nl
Website www.wedstrijdsurfen.nl
  Nederlandse Vereniging van Wedstrijdsurfers (NVW)
Organisation Norwegian Boardsailing Association (NBK)
Contact Name Thomas Føyen
Email thomas.foyen@trebuchet.no
Website http://www.nbk.no/
  Norwegian Boardsailing Association (NBK)
Organisation Windsurfing New Zealand
Contact Name Bruce Spedding
Email winzurf@gmail.com
Website http://windsurfingnz.org/
64-facbk - Copy Windsurfing New Zealand
Organisation New Zealand RS:X & Techno Association
Contact Name Paul Mackenzie
Email themackenzies@xtra.co.nz
Website http://techno.windsurfingnz.org/
64-facbk - Copy New Zealand RSX & Techno Association
Organisation Asociación Peruana de Windsurf
Contact Name Ricardo Guglielmino
Email ricardo@wind-adventure.com
Website http://www.windsurfperu.net/
64-facbk - Copy Asociación Peruana de Windsurf
Organisation Polish Windsurfing Association
Contact Name Wojtek Brzozowski
Email wojtek@namaxa.com
Website http://psw.org.pl/
  Polish Windsurfing Association
Organisation Associacao Portuguesa de Windsurfing
Contact Name Nuno Mayer Jardim
Email apwindsurfing@gmail.com
Website http://www.apwind.org/
64-facbk - Copy Associacao Portuguesa de Windsurfing
Organisation PR Windsurfing & Kitesurfing Association
Contact Name Karla Barrera-Morstad
Email smkarla1@gmail.com
  PR Windsurfing & Kitesurfing Association
Organisation Singapore Sailing Federation
Contact Name Teo May Ling
Email info@singaporesailing.org.sg
Website http://www.sailing.org.sg/
64-facbk - Copy Singapore Sailing Federation
Organisation Swiss Windsurfing
Contact Name Raoul Marty
Email raoulmarty@hispeed.ch
Website http://www.swisswindsurfing.ch/
64-facbk - Copy Swiss Windsurfing
Organisation Svenska Vindsurfing Förbundet
Contact Name Gustav Enocksson
Email info@vindsurfingforbundet.com
Website http://www.vindsurfingforbundet.com/
64-facbk - Copy Svenska Vindsurfing Förbundet
Organisation Windsurfing Association of Thailand
Contact Name Mr Pattana Boonsawad
Email wathai@cscoms.com
Website http://www.windsurfingthailand.org/
64-facbk - Copy Windsurfing Association of Thailand
Organisation Turkish Sailing Federation
Contact Name  
Website http://www.tyf.org.tr
64-facbk - Copy Turkish Sailing Federation
Organisation US Windsurfing Association
Contact Name Cody Steward
Email info@uswindsurfing.org
Website http://www.uswindsurfing.org
64-facbk - Copy US Windsurfing Association

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