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The full title of the association shall be the International Funboard Class Association (IFCA).


The logo shall be as illustrated (see Rule Book Cover B) and the flag will incorporate the logo in white on a royal blue background, excluding the words ‘International Funboard Class Association’.


3.1 Class Rules shall mean rules relating to measurement, construction and disciplines of the class.

3.2 Class Language. The official language shall be English and in any dispute over the text, the English text shall prevail.

3.3 IFCA shall mean the International Funboard Class Association.

3.4 NWA shall mean the National Authority, or National Windsurfing Association recognised by the National Authority as representing and organising International Funboard Class racing.

3.5 NFO shall mean the National Funboard Organiser.

3.6 IWA shall mean the International Windsurfing Association.

3.7 Council shall mean the President, and the appointed representatives from each NWA.

3.8 The Executive shall mean the committee elected by the Council to administer the day to day operations of the IFCA.


The objects of the association are to promote and further the interests of the Funboard Class throughout the world by:

4.1 Keeping the fun in Funboarding.

4.2 Keeping members informed of matters that concern the class.

4.3 Organising in conjunction with the IWA, World and Continental Championships.

4.4 Encouraging international competition in series production boards.

4.5 Negotiating and representing class matters to the ISAF, National Authorities and all other organisations.

4.6 Reviewing and Amending Constitution, Championship Rules and Class Rules with the approval of ISAF.

4.7 Checking and ensuring that the class rules are observed by National Authorities, NWA’s and NFO’s.


The following classes of membership are recognised:

(a) National Authorities and National Windsurfing Associations.

(b) National Funboard Organisers (nonvoting members).

National Windsurfing Association membership is open to associations approved by National Authorities. Only one NWA will be recognised for each country.

National Funboard Organiser membership is open to those organisation or institutions recognized by the IFCA as official organisers for their country or area, where no National Authority or NWA exists ,and which wishes to organise the International Funboard Class. Recognition will be reviewed annually.


The affairs of the IFCA shall be managed by the executive subject to the authority of the Council.

The Executive shall be empowered to make payments and receive moneys. Payments shall be authorised by the signature of the treasurer as appointed by the Executive.

6.1 Each NWA or NFO shall nominate a representative to the Council, and advise the secretary in writing accordingly.

6.2 The Council shall elect 5 persons to the Executive. In addition, one representative from each of the organisers of the World and the Continental Championships, approved by the Council, shall have a seat on the Executive for a maximum of two years, ending on the last day of the relevant championship

6.3 Executive members may hold office for two years and may be re-elected for additional terms.

6.4 The Executive shall appoint a President, two vice-presidents, and a Secretary, and may appoint a Treasurer, from its elected members. It may co-opt two or four additional members.

6.5 The President shall hold office for a term of two years and may be re elected for an additional term or terms.

6.6 An auditor may be appointed by the President and approved by the Council to certify the annual financial statements.


7.1 The Council shall be the only body with power to change the class rules and constitution, with the approval of the ISAF.

7.2 A two thirds majority of the votes cast by the Council shall be required to alter a Class Rules or Constitution.

7.3 The Council shall have absolute authority in the management of the IFCA.


8.1 A general Meeting of the Council of the IFCA shall be held at Each World Championships or as decided by the Executive not less than once every 18 months. The date and time shall be published by the Executive.

8.2 The officers and officially nominated National Authority, NWA or NFO representatives shall be entitled to attend the meeting. Other individuals may attend the meetings at the discretion of the Executive.

8.3 The names of representatives must be notified to the secretary before the meeting, in writing by the National Authority, NWA or NFO.

8.4 Quorums: Executive Meetings – 3

                       Council Meetings – 10

8.5 Voting: The voting of the Council shall take place at the General Meeting of the Council. NWA’s wishing to vote by post may do so in advance.

8.6 Proposed amendments to the class and constitution rules must be submitted to the Secretary at least 30 days before the General Meeting of the Council.

8.7 The proposals will be circulated to all National Authorities, NWA’s and NFO’s at least 15 days before the General Meeting of the Council.

8.8 When in any one year, the World championships take place after the ISAF annual conference, the Executive may request a postal vote on any matter which is subject to joint agreement between ISAF and IFCA.


The executive will be responsible for ensuring that audited accounts are circulated annually to all NWA’s.


10.1 Subscriptions will be circulated to all National Authorities, NWA’s and the Executive, and shall be due on January 1st each year.


The IFCA is responsible for sanctioning or organising regular Funboard Class World and Continental Championships.

11.1   The allocation of places at the World Championships shall be subject to the approval of the Executive.

11.1.1 Every nation is entitled to one male and one female entrant provided the current annual subscription has been paid.

11.1.2 No Nation is entitled to more than 8 male entrants and 8 female entrants.

11.1.3 Any vacant places shall be allocated by the President subject to Executive approval.

11.2   The allocation of places at Continental Championships shall be approved by the Executive.


IFCA, NWA’s and NFO’s accept no responsibility in respect of the constitution of the IFCA or the Class rules or any claim arising therefrom.


Dissolution of the IFCA shall take place by a resolution of the Council passed by two thirds majority of those voting. After payment of all liabilities, the assets and funds shall be disposed of as directed by the Council on a simple majority of those voting.