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IFCA Slalom Worlds – Registration Completed!

A busy day of preparation and training as competitors eagerly anticipate the official start of The Volvo Surf Cup 2015 IFCA Slalom World Championship.  With registration completed the numbers are:

17 Nations / 2 Continents / Total Participants 78 men and 10 girls (88)

Current World Slalom Champions are not here to defend their titles but plenty of top “Names” are competing in this event, all eager to claim the titles of “2015 IFCA Slalom World Champion” in both men and women.  Just a few of their claims to fame:

Vincent Langer GER-1 – current #1 on the IFCA Slalom World Ranking List, 3rd last year in the IFCA Slalom Worlds in the Azores, and a regular on the podium in this year’s Euro Cup events
Nicolas Warembourg FRA-531 – 2nd at the infamous Defi Wind at Gruissan, and giving “standout performances” on the PWA circuit
James Dinsmore GBR-659 – British Slalom Champion 2013 and 2014
Marco Begalli – ITA 415 – 2nd master at the recent IFCA Youth and Masters Slalom Championships in Italy
Nicolas Goyard FRA-465 – current IFCA Youth Slalom World and European Champion
Ethen Westera ARU-4 2nd at the recent IFCA Youth Slalom Worlds
Gunnar Asmussen GER-88 – 6th in Azores 2014

Lena Erdil TUR-33 – 2nd in Azores 2014 – currently 7th on the IFCA Slalom World Ranking List, 3rd at the Defi Wind
Andrea Vanhoorne BEL-26 – currently 2nd on the IFCA slalom ranking, 1st at the European Championships in Bol 2014
Steffi Wahl GER-303 – 4th at the recent PWA Gran Canaria Wind and Waves Festival
Maria Andres ESP-2 – 3rd in Azores 2014, currently 10th on the IFCA slalom ranking

Skippers meeting tomorrow is scheduled at 9am for the first competition day of The Volvo Surf Cup 2015 IFCA Slalom World Championship.  The wind forecast is quite variable for the coming days so hopefully something for everyone, making for exciting competition!

Stay tuned!  Follow regular updates on IFCA Facebookand IFCA Twitter

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