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Funboard World Championships in Almanarre France: Attracts over 180 Windsurfers

From the 16th of April, The Hyeres Windsurf Organisation will host The 2017 IFCA Youth and Masters Slalom World Championships.


Already there are competitors training along the famous beach and it definitely will be all about speed, acceleration, overtaking and fast turns in a variety of sailing conditions over a period of 5 days, where skills of the Next Generation of Funboard Windsurfers will be put to the test.

Almanare Plage is well suited and has hosted previous Slalom Windsurfing Championships. The area is large enough to welcome “ The Record Breaking “ number of competitors in the Slalom discipline. The set up will not be the usual one – we expect the sea to be filled with colourful sails in the new 2 racing areas concept which will be prepared to ensure the maximum and fair racing for everyone.

Staying up to date during the Championships:

Competition action will be globally available with day to day photos by photographer Jeremy Lacave, spectacular motion capture by drones, live updates during the races on social media and the class website – all to bring you closer to the action.

Wherever you are, you will be able to follow…. But don’t forget – the real show will be right in front of the sandy beach of Almanarre plage!

Almanarre is waiting for all of you, May the Winds be with us



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