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2015 JY Freestyle Europeans


5th to 10th August 2015 – Peljesac, Perna, Croatia


The Game of Tricks:

gotA competitor decides and demonstrates a random trick and others have to try to complete the same trick, if they fail they get a letter every time they fail. the word is TRICK
Winner 11 Year old from Greece Lennart Neubauer



 2015 PEPSI-IFCA Pro Kids, Junior & Youth European Freestyle Championship


Location info

IFCA_Freestyle_Europeans_Croatia_google_map_750The place of event is Camp “Perna” and offers 300 places for campers. In the summer 2013, 90 new mobile homes were added to this site. Alongside the camp there are 50 bungalows, 20 of which have been fully renovated and the Hotel “Komodor”. The campsite is also equipped with a newly renovated sanitary block. There is a surf centre located directly on the beach which offers surfing classes and where guests can rent or buy surfing gear and supplies or bikes. There is a snack bar on the beach, a gift shop and grocery store.

Please make your reservations for camp, hotel or bungalows as soon as possible because August is the pick of the season in Croatia. If all of those are somehow already full contact Marko on marko_mudrovcic@hotmail.com

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