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AGENDA of Annual General Meeting of the IFCA Council

The AGM will be held on Thursday 23rd July 2015 during the world championships on Sylt, Germany. The details regarding exact location and time of the meeting will be published on the event ONB.
Each member, ie National Authority (voting), National Windsurfing Association (voting) or National Funboard Organiser (non-voting) – may nominate a representative to the Council, and shall advise the class secretary in writing.
Only current (2015) paid up members are entitled to send a representative and to vote.

1 Welcome, and Registration of delegates and votes
2 Minutes of the AGM held on 28th August 2014 in Bol,Brac Island,Croatia, and any matters arising
3 Presidents Report
4 Financial Report
5 Class Rules:no amendments proposed to change the Class (equipment) Rules
6 Championship Rules:no amendments proposed to change the Championship (event) Rules
7 Future Championships:to receive a report on the planned 2016 Calendar and to receive proposals for 2017 Championships
8 Elections
9 Any other business:including – Sail Identification Rules; world titles; equipment registration at events; return of supercross

Minutes of 2014 AGM
2015 IFCA members

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