4 Eliminations done on Day 3

The third day of the competition started like the second day with a B Final, which could not be completed the day before. The wind was slightly gusty around 20 knots, but it blasted longer than the previous days, hence it was possible to complete 4 eliminations of the Masters and Grandmasters and 8 eliminations of the Youth today.

In the Masters & Grandmasters category the top of the ranking changed, because Marco Begalli committed a second false start in a final, which dropped him to the second rang behind the new leader Erkan Morgan from Turkey. At the moment the two have the same amount of points, but Morgan has a better discount, which seems to lead to some more exciting heats!

Francesco Scagliola could extend his lead in the Youth category. With 10 victories out of 18 eliminations he is the top of the ranking, whereas Peter Nors, who won several times on the second racing day, had more difficulties today. In the ranking he is now closer to Tim Turpin from France, who caught a good day and a few victories.

After 26 heats in total in warm and clear water with good wind conditions the competitors were exhausted and satisfied and chatted together with delicious pasta from the pasta bar at the beach, which is delivered by the Hotel Palm Royale Resort every day free of charge for all the competitors.

Referring the forecast the last two racing days are less windy than the previous ones, but anyway everyone is excited to see some more amazing heats in the Soma Bay!!!

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