Culuccia, Sardinia 30th May through 3rd of June

Eight years ago, the EFPT held an historic event in the North of Sardinia, with conditions that demanded everything from the riders, from light winds up to howling storms. After many years of absence, the windsurfcenter Culuccia at Porto Liscia brought the tour back to its beautiful shores.

With 19 Competitors registered and the light forecasts, it was until the final competition day that some prayers finally got answered.

The last day at the Windsurfclub Porto Liscia saw clear weather in the morning, with the easterly wind started to fill in at 09:30 am and the green flag for the first heat of the day went up shortly after 12.00 am. The riders picked their 93 to 100 liter boards and their 5.2s. the wind remained on the light side and gusty throughout the whole afternoon. Despite the challenging conditions, the sailors put on a great show in the 10 min heats which caused some upsets in those later rounds of the single elimination.

Steven Van Broeckhoven takes victory after 1 single elimination

The EFPT had a great event in Sardinia and are grateful beyond the limits that they had the chance to return to this place. The next tour-stop will take the EFPT crew and riders to a new spot, Matas Blancas in Fuerteventura, a flat water paradise and then onward to Lanzarote, where strong wind and waves are expected. The chase for the European title this year remains an exciting one and we are looking forward to what the season might hold for us.

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EFPT / Culuccia Podium:
1 Steven Van Broeckhoven| BEL
2 Loick Spicher | SUI
3 Giovanni Passani | ITA

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Source : efpt >  |  photos:  Emanuela Cauli | Video: Adam Sims

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