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7 March 2017


    Athlete:  Luna Lautridou-Lopez
    Sail #  FRA – 323
    Division:  Female Youths
    Home Town:  Bénodet

    IFCA:  How was your winter?
    Luna:  My winter was nice, very sporty with training in light and very hard WindS.

    IFCA: Best IFCA Results
    Luna:  It’s my first IFCA Championship

    IFCA: Favourite gear set up for 2017
    Luna:  I’ve just received my new gear, Simmer style, I did not test it yet, but I love training with my 7.8 NorthSail Ram and RRD 120ltr board.

    IFCA: Ever been to Almanarre ?
    Luna:  It’s my very first time that I will be sailing in Almanarre

    IFCA: Do you practice any other disciplines ?
    Luna:  I actually practiced on the Bic Techno 293 for about 5 years now, but recently, I set my focus on the Slalom discipline, which is tough, but it gives you so much sensations.

    IFCA:  Your windsurfing training buddies ?
    Luna:  I love training with my team-mates, Alice Littaye, Baptiste Gueguen and Mathis Guillou

    IFCA:  The music that gets you in the right mood for some action?
    Luna:  I listening music every time before I go in the water, I usually listen to Seve from Tez Cadez or Bye Bye Macadam from Rone and Kygo’s songs. (the deep happy vibe )

    IFCA: How are you preparing for the upcoming IFCA Salom Youth Worlds ?
    Luna:  I just try to go on the water as soon as possible, and when the wind isn’t enough, I love running, cycling, some gym time and swimming to improve my energy and my physical form.

    IFCA: Your Event expectations are …
    Luna:  For my first IFCA Championship, i want to do my best to finish at the TOP 5.

     IFCA: Shout out to…..
    Luna:  Simmer Style, Valérie & Christophe and my Parents who have helped me and trust me for a long time.



    Luna will have her first Slalom competition Experience at the up coming IFCA Youth & Masters Worlds.

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